Trés Amusant

It's in French, but you need only to look at the pictures Thanks Bulle for the link.

Whooo! Go Olympians! How's everyone doing? Me? Pretty good. Must get back to my needles....



I'm making startlingly good progress... Do you get a snow day today?

Christine, the owner of this blog, is a great knitter, and a humorous writer. Visit her galery, you will see that she likes to try many different yarns on the same project.

hahaha, someone had fun with photoshop!

I'm making some acceptable progress - enough at least to feel like I am on schedule for being able to finish. The snow made me want to cook, so making stew took up WAY too much of my snowday knitting time yesterday. At least we ate well.

Thanks for the fun link! I hope you're still snowed in with lots of knitting time.


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