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Yes, I'm mostly happy. Actually, that's an understatement. I'm quite thrilled. The fit could be improved slightly (just slightly) in two areas: the waist shaping and the waist hem. I think I'll move the waist increases about two inches higher in the final version of the pattern. I'm not sure how to address that little flair at the waist. Maybe I need to move the waist decreases higher as well.

For the first time, however, the armhole fit is absolutely perfect. No complaints there! It's fitted just right and it doesn't pucker a bit. Although, from reading Silvia yesterday, I wonder if the sweater is too fitted for this year's "look."

A closeup of those bell sleeves (slightly cropped, so that they don't snag on anything):


As you know, the sweater is my own design, and there's a pattern. I won't, however, give you the pattern today. The pattern is ready to go, but I want it to sit for a few days so that I can return to it with fresh eyes for one last proofread and I want to see if a few days of wear will offer other insights into other possible improvements.

Looks like I'm all dressed for the Team Boston par-tay today. Hope to see lots of my teammates there!


Congratulations! I really like that sweater; the sleeves are wonderful. It looks great on you. Have a great time at the party!

giver her the gold!!!

I LOVE it!!! I'm eagerly awaiting for the new pattern to be available LOL. I started the previous sweater using a thicker yarn that gave me my measurements, but I put it down to do other things and now I don't know where I left off in the pattern LOL. I hope to do it in a cotton yarn and if not cotton then maybe my Wisteria Cascade 220.

Enjoy the party!!!
cheers Eva

Congratulations! Wear it - and your medal - with pride.

It looks great, Colleen. I'm excited to see it in person this afternoon!

Congratulations, Colleen!! It looks great -- love that belled sleeve!

fabulous! congratulations!

Hush to those fashion people stating that the baggy sweaters of the 1980s are making a comeback! I LOVE this sweater. Can't wait for you to freshen your eyes and post it. Lovely!

Congratulations! The sweater looks great - wear the gold with pride! Are you a double gold winner since you designed the pattern as well? :)

Gold medal! Your sweater looks great. I love the slightly belled sleeves and even the flair at the bottom!

Congratulations! The sweater looks great!

I have to say, the color looks fantastic on you! Congratulations!

congratulations!!! what a fantastic sweater and something to be totally proud of! you're an asset to team boston if i ever i saw one :)

Looks like a great fit! Woohoo! Lovely color. Enjoy!

Beautiful! Gold medal knit for sure.

Looks great!! It looks like a simple yet sophisticated sweater that could really showcase a beautiful yarn. You've earned a gold medal in my book!

Fabulous! Enjoy the party and your place on the podium. Gold will be beautiful with the green!

Congratulations. Beautiful!!

Great job. Can't wait for the pattern :)

If you'd like a pair of "fresh eyes" to look at the pattern before you publish it, I'd be happy to give it a read for you.

Nice to meet you at the Team Boston party today...

The sweater is fabulous. I don't think it's too fitted, and I love the bell sleeves.

Congratulations! It looks great. And you are totally ready to party. :)

That's a gold metal sweater if ever I did see one.

Gorgeous. Nothing better than finishing and loving it. Hooray for you!

Gorgeous. Nothing better than finishing and loving it. Hooray for you!

Congratulations! You must be so proud.

Congratulations! It's beautiful.

Congratulations, it looks great. Love the colour and the sleeve. Also love the armhole fit, perfect! Well done.

it was great seeing you!

and the sweater is very pretty -- and even prettier in person

Great to see you yesterday! The sweater looks FAB -- color, fit -- really terrific :-)

Congratulations! It looks great!

Quite cool. Self-designed. Knit in record time. Finished in time for a medal. AND it looks great. I think the flare at the hip works for you (i.e. slender). It adds that bit of fashion flourish.

congrats!! it looks so lovely!

Congratulations! It looks amazing...Can't wait for the pattern it looks like a sweater that I'd be interested in knitting!

great sweater! I love the shaped sleeves.

hi colleen the subway knitter. this is reese who met you yesterday. having seen this sweater in person, i must say that the picture doesn't do it justice. i really love it! i think the fit turned out great and didn't notice the bit of waist flair until you mentioned it just now. so are fitted sweaters no longer in? i would like to think they are, but perhaps we're going baggier now?

Colleen! OK, I'm back, I think. Looks like I missed a lot. Looking good!

I'm sorry I didn't get to see it in person for myself - it looks stunning!

Wow, that sweater is GREAT. Love the shape of it. Great job, Colleen. Can't wait for the pattern!

Congratulations, wow! It looks great! I love how custom designs work out so well. I think the waist flare is kind of cute, actually. Or maybe you can just slit the sides so it lies flat?

You definately deserve your gold -- Congratulations! One thought for the body hem -- try knitting the inside portion of the hem in 1x1 ribbing so it pulls in ever so slightly.

Supercute! Love it!!!

You're sweater looks perfect to me! Besides the trend seminar I'm talking about is for 2007! They were saying those really short shrunken sweaters you see everywhere are going to be out...yours looks perfect. Congrats on finishing beatuifully.


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