Eeek! At 19:30 (24-hour time, just to keep it all official looking) EST last night I opened my email and received my Sock Pal. I'm so excited!!! I have a question for all of you (and I cannot believe that I am about to ask this):

If you were to recommend one sock collection to someone who knits the occasional pair but who will most likely never, ever become a passionate sock knitter (um, yeah, we're talking about me) what would that title be? I prefer short row heels to flaps, and I'm not scared of a complex design.

Claudia told me about PGR's Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy. That's one. Got any more?


Sensational Knit Socks is a new one and just great. It's written somewhat in the same vein as the Ann Budd books. Each chapter is in multiples of x and you can plan from there. They have lots of inspirations, but let you do your own thing. Short row or flap!

I'd get a Nancy Bush sock book, probably Knitting Vintage Socks.

I agree with Johanna - Sensational Knitted Socks - it's great because apart from the huge number of choices for pattern, she gives instructions for dpns, magic loop and two circs. And, like Ann Budd, does the "if your gauge is this and you want a sock to fix X inches, cast on this number of stitches" which I love!
Good luck!

Nancy Bush, Knitting on the Road. She uses heel flaps, but you could adapt that. Gorgeous patterns, all unique.

Im with Johanna, Sensational knitted socks since you can basically make up your own pattern depending on what gauge you knit.

I got my sockpal...a guy!

So, if you are really ever only going to knit the occasional sock, why would you need a whole book? The occasional socks in IK are very nice and I'll bet you've already got lots of issues with socks in 'em.


Just sayin'. I disbelieve the non-sockly hype over here.

Thanks so much for asking this question. I'm going to use all the answers for myself as well. :)

i'll give you my book, cool socks warm feet and you can do the mermaid's gorgeous, easy and a short-row heel. i'll bring it to knitsmiths....

i'm with theresa, and i'd go with knitting on the road purely because her books go out of print and you still have plenty of time before vintage socks would ever get to that point. i only do short rows heels myself, but heel flap socks are easy enough to adapt. i think all the patterned socks that i've knit actually called for a flap heel.

the vintage socks book contains patterns for all flap heel socks, so maybe you don't want to get that one, though it is a lovely book and has many different techniques for flap heels. i've heard that knitting on the road is good, though. if you can get it..

There are millions of cute sock patterns on the internet ... really, if you just an occasional sock knitter, go for the internet.

I have a *lot* of sock books, and I think that Sensational Knitted Socks is the best. So many choices! And this book knits socks the way I like to knit them--pick a method, pick a gauge, pick a stitch pattern and go!

I vote for Knitting on the Road if you're going to buy one book and use the internet for more basic patterns. Kim at has a good assortment on line. I have a frightening number of sock books and leaflets that I almost never use--I knit the plain pattern that lives in my head a lot and occasionally branch out into a pattern from Interweave Knits or Knitting on the Road.

I second the votes for Interweave Knits, or Sensational Socks (Schurch).

My sock pay had some interesting requests, and I spent the day looking online for yarn and a pattern, and found both online. Pattern was even free. I'd go that route, rather than buying a book, unless you feel you need tutoring in some of the basic skills.

Sensational Knitted Socks is very, very cool. I highly recommend it.


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