I'm really cleaning off the knitting plate. Remember my slippers? I knit one on the train to New York, and the other was mostly finished while on the train back to Boston.

Knowing that I needed a block of quiet time, as well as some instruction, I put off kitchenering the toes. Kitchenering is something that I have done once before, somewhat successfully. I knew that I did not have the technique mastered.

Knitters to the rescue! First, it was Laurie. When I saw her last month, she gave me a sheet of step-by-step kitchenering instructions which she found to be helpful. It was! In spite of this, however, my front stitches were getting twisted. Something wasn't right.

Enter Lisa. Despite the chaotic environment of Knitsmiths, Lisa was able to take me through a few stitches and get me started correctly. Once she talked me through a few rounds of "knit off, purl on; purl off, knit on", things became a lot easier. Thanks Lisa! I owe you.


I find that I have a difficult time learning finishing techniques from books. This is very mysterious, because I always have one of those "DOH!" moments as soon as I realize what I need to do. That was absolutely the case here.


Yay! Don't my toes look great? I'm so proud.

And they're so warm and comfy:

The Details:

Pattern: I modified Priscilla Gibson-Roberts's Shortrow Sock Pattern from Interweave. I used her numbers and instructions for heel and toe shaping, but I greatly shortened the cuff and used a picot hem. Since my subscription to IK has now expired, I better be very, very careful with my pattern copy.

Yarn: Bernat Berella, 100-percent acrylic, worsted weight. This yarn is from Knitting Grandma and may or may not be currently available. Yardage, colorway: who knows? I used most of a skein, but the label doesn't list yardage.

Needles: US8s, DPNs.

Time to complete: Not long. As I wrote above, I knit the majority of this pair on a round-trip Boston/New York train (Acela) journey.

As most of you know socks (and slippers) are the perfect travel knitting. With Sockapaloooza here (today, and I can't wait!), maybe I should plan a trip :-).


Very cute! I love how the pooling crosses from one foot to the other.

Excellent toes! Grafting still isn't intuitive for me. I think it will take several iterations before I get the picture embedded in the mind.
I also like the colors.

I don't mind grafting toes, BUT there can be no outside distractions.

cute toes! they look great! was my payback for all your help on the Celtic Harbor new fave accessory

The toes do look great. PGR wrote a book entitled "Simple Socks" with the expanded recipes for short row heels and toes that appeared in the IK.

Yay for great toes! Enjoy wearing them!

They look great! There's a password in the current issue of Interweave for the subscriber-only part of the site; they have PGB's dream socks pattern for download!

They look cozy! Just what you need for cold winter nights.


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