Olympic Update--Day 5

This being Valentine's Day and all, I had hoped to create a post about both knitting and chocolate. I'm having a hard time coming with something, so I'll ditch the idea.

Hey, remember the Knitting Olympics? I, like all of my fellow Knathletes, am in the midst of a competition. This past weekend was a great one for Team Boston. Or, at least this member of Team Boston. Sunday's storm made for perfect knitting weather. I even braved the elements on Sunday afternoon to get to a friend's house, where there was (of course) more knitting.

Progress was good:

Saturday morning:


Saturday Afternoon:

(yes, those are my socks)

Sunday Morning:

(again with my--newly washed--socks)

The back of my sweater is complete, and I have cast on for one sleeve. Hopes for a snow day yesterday were dashed by Sunday evening, so it's back to my usual amount of knitting time. How will this affect future progress? That remains to be seen.


you are a knitting machine!

Hi! I kept meaning to come over and intro myself to you at Doyles! Everytime, someone started chatting--- sorry! I wanted to let you know, the celtic hat is adorable on you! I am jealous of people who can wear hats...my face is just too round! Also, I noticed your sweater.. did you knit it? It looked like it had litle purl sections on it...I really liked it! If you remember where you found the pattern, could you let me know? I'm trying to burn up some stash and I have a great yarn for that! :) It was nice "seeing" you on friday, next time i"ll pop over and say hello! :)

Wow. Don't hurt yourself now, speed demon.

Can you hear me cheering for you across the country in San Francisco? You're off to a fast start -- too bad you couldn't be snowed in for a few more days.

Don't worry don't worry ... I think the gold medal is within your reach.

wow...I'm so impressed! Gold here you come!

Wow. Very impressive weekend for Team Subway Knitter. ;-)

Go go go go go go!

What an impressive start! Can't wait to see it all finished up!


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