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So here's the truth that I learned about pattern designing:

All the sizing is total hooey!

Here I am trying to offer a modified version of my Spring Breeze Top (link in my sidebar) in different sizes. I know that the pattern's fit could be improved along the lines of Grumperina's Theory of Negative Ease. Subtracting a few inches here and there is easy. It's everything else that gives me the willies.


In order to make this somewhat easy for myself I'm making two assumptions, and both are hogwash. The first assumption is that you all share my proportions. You have broad shoulders. Your waist is well defined. Your arms and torso are slightly longer than average. No one would be calling you "petite". The second assumption is that everyone's body is different in the same way. That is, if the difference between my waist and bust circumferences is X inches, then the difference between everyone's waist and bust circumferences is X inches. Again: total junk.

What's a designer to do? First, offer a good schematic of my pattern. This way, a knitter knows exactly what the finished dimensions of the sweater should be, and where he or she needs to alter the pattern to suit the wearer's measurements. Second, offer a rather wide range of sizes. The more sizes given, the easier it is for a knitter to change things based on numbers supplied with the pattern.

What's a knitter to do? Accept that a pattern is simply a guide, a bunch of numbers put together by guessing at a wearer's proportions. Knitting a pattern as it is written will very often result in a less-than-ideal fit. As you know, I can't remember a time when I haven't altered something about a sweater's design during the knitting process. Now I know why.


The fact that you're thinking about this rather than following that outdated sizing chart blindly (you know, the one that's going to be the new Knitty standard) already gives your pattern an advantage. This will be a good one!

It's like mad genius! That's all I have to say!

Oh oh, they're going to come get you now that you've let the big secret out...

At least you realize that many people have a difference in measurement between their bust and their waist! ;)

It's crazy isn't it?

And part of why Standard sizing will never actually truly happen - if it did, there'd be about 12 women who clothes would fit, regardless of which standard you implemented.

You have now revealed the secrets of pattern and fit to the universe. Next, you're coming up with a universal solution, yes?

That is true. It's all a bunch of hogwash and that's why I appreciate a variety of sizes, so you can play around with numbers and figure out what works for you, as well as a schematic, so you can change things as well. I appreciate that you're cognizant of those facts and try to do what you can, but the rest is up to the knitter.


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