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We are in all out Knitting Olympic Training mode chez Subway Knitter. With the opening ceremonies happening on Friday, I need to have the draft pattern in cast-on shape by the time I arrive at Doyles (apparently our local version of the Olympic Village). Team Boston is counting on me! This means reading, drawing pictures, and doing some (very simple, nothing that you didn't learn in freshman geometry) math.

Determining the waist shaping and cast-on stitches were easy, but the sleeve-cap shaping was hanging over my head like a... Well I don't know what it was like--but it felt like a daunting task, and it was (almost).


Jenna Wilson, oh Knitting Tech Goddess, I bow down before you! Your Knitty sleeve primer series is stellar. The latest article distinguished between the armhole height and the armhole circumference in sweater design. There is a difference, and now I know how to take the armhole height and sleeve width numbers and make a sleeve cap to fit them.

If you don't know what I'm blathering about, go read the article. It's overwhelming at first but quite well written and organized. Take a deep breath and plunge in. Your knitting will be glad that you did.

Before I could use any of Jenna's handy-dandy techniques, I had to create some armhole heights and shoulder widths. Essentially, I took mine, and scaled up or down from there. Is this really how the designers do it?


Knitty recently emailed their designer list to say they're going to start requiring all designers to use the standard sizing here

It doesn't give armhole depth, but it does give some really useful data. One measurement I'm really happy to see is that the crossback measurements of an extra-small and a 5X only differ by 4.5 inches! This is one of those measurements that tends to get out of proportion as sizes go up. Another interesting one is sleeve length -- which only has a variance of 2 inches. I'm so happy to see knitty using these charts!

Oh, btw, I too love Jenna's sleeve articles but I also really like Maggie Righetti's "Sweater Design in Plain English".

Good luck with revamping Spring Breeze! It's a great classic shape -- I'm sure people will really appreciate all the extra work.

Sounds like your training is going well!!

Heh, I wish I prepared for all my knitting as well as I am for this.

mmmm, i'm really looking forward to seeing this sweater!

Looks like you're making good progress - I'll have to check out the article - sleeve caps have always been mysterious to me!

The idea of Doyle's as a homebase for any kind of athletic event made me spit Diet Coke all over myself in an unladylike fashion.


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