Make it in Massachusetts

Who else remembers this slogan from the early 1980s? We have a wastebasket in my office with one of those blue-and-white thumbs-up bumper stickers on its side. I guess that a good sense of irony has always been helpful in our line of work....

I was reminded of that slogan last week, as I did a little SockapalOOOza planning. Turns out that production of my Sock Pal's socks will be completely Massachusetts based. Completely Boston based, to be more specific. The knitting will be done in Boston, and the yarn will have been dyed in Boston too!

I knew that Knitsmith Dani, whose Sushine Yarns is turning into a very successful business, is offering a special discount to all Sockapaloooza knitters. On a whim, I decided to stop by her shop.

Whoa, what's that? Perfect colorway ahead. It's called Dusk.


In my "Make it in Massachusetts" googling, I came across this site of town slogans. If you're a Bay Stater, or if you've ever lived in Massachusetts, have a look. It gave me a little chuckle, although I will mention that Woonsocket is in RHODE ISLAND. [Duh!]


Those town slogans are a riot. Especially the one involving the Quabbin.

Oh, which color is that?! Gorgeous...

wow, dusk is soo pretty. She's good, isn't she?

Oh, but you can have Woonsocket. Except for Chan's - the Chinese restaurant with live jazz. The rest is yours ;)

Funny slogans--thanks for the laugh!

I was fond of the "ithaca is gorges" bumper stickers, yeah that one never gets old.

oh lord, I better start planning my sockpal socks. I have to knit for an 11 inch foot. ELEVEN

LOVED the slogans.
Am also knitting sock pal socks...very much a beginner in the sock department tho.
Great blog, one of my favorites.

There's no slogan for my town. pout.

That yarn is wonderful - she has great colorways!

Whoa, now you've done it! I grabbed the watermelon sunshine yarn!

Ooh, very nice. I'll have to check out the website you mentioned!

I completely remember 'Make it in Massachusetts' father was a State Police Officer who used to do alot of work for the governor and we had those stickers everywhere!

Michelle in NYC (where it looks alot like MA currently)


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