Look What I Did!

Every good pattern needs a schematic.


My Adobe Illustrator skills put the "rust" in rusty. Okay, that's not accurate. Rusty implies that they once were good, whereas my abilities with Illustrator have never gone beyond the most basic of tasks.

This took me about an hour, an hour without swearing or computer throwing. Not bad, in my book. Next up: adding text.


Oh my... you certainly go the distance when designing, don't you? I am waiting to knit this sweater- I showed it to my SIL and she was "now that's the "perfect sweater""!! Oh, a wee little birdie mentioned:
happy birthday (belated)? if so, happy birthday and see you on sunday!
:) Kate

You should give lessons to Rowan!

It looks like a schematic to me! And, my Illustrator skills are pretty "rusty," too . . .

all hail the pen tool!

abobe illustrator rocks. it's one of my favorite programs next to photoshop. it's how i drew my iguana and his room :)

You're so clever! I look at that and think, "hmmm, I can handle graph paper and a pencil, will that do?!" It looks very professional, well done.

oh! yaaaaay!

(this is the sort of thing I wish I could be a fly on the wall for...how it all works - where your inspiration comes from and how you figured out what looks best on you.)

Thanks for commenting on Kat's page about the Curling coming to Mass in April. I love the sport and might consider going if I can get there from here!


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