Live from the Blocking Board

Here's an action shot of the Subway Sweater blocking:


Exciting, isn't it? I'm surprised that I was able to finish the knitting in about 10 days. Maybe it was the gauge (3.75sts/in), or maybe you really do knit faster with Addi Turbos.

Or, it could have been that I had two weekends with very little planned except knitting, and one of those weekends was three days. [Note to self: get life.] Each of these ten days I knit a lot but for five of them I was able to knit a whole lot. So, it begs the question: Did I enjoy the process?

Yes, and no. I did not enjoy the self-imposed pressure of finishing a sweater in 16 days. I did, however, enjoy the entire process, of which the knitting was just a tiny part. I rethought my pattern, resized it, and knit a sample sweater. It had been on my mind for a while, and I had the yarn. The Knitting Olympics provided the motivation. My challenge was to see if I could do it (and, since no one has actually knit any of the other sizes, I have no idea if I achieved my goal).

And then there was the whole idea of participating-in-something-big. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

Besides the pattern I had another (purely selfish) goal to create a custom sweater pattern for me. [Me! Me! ME! Bwah-ha-ha!] Now, I can modify the pattern to include any details I see in other designs, without the final fit being a mystery.


I've been knitting from the sidelines (without the pressure) and have almost finished Marilyn. Which I'm sure won't fit. Which prompted the DIRE need for a blocking board I can't afford. Hmmm. Ordered it yesterday. Sigh.

Quite the accomplishment! Can't wait to see it on! Congratulations.

I hear you on the process - if I regularly spent as much time in pre-knitting prep as I did on this project... boggles the mind, it does.

Isn't it somehow reassuring to realize that we enjoy knitting as a hobby and not a full-time thing? Because it turns out that I don't like having to knit all day, although I still love knitting. Good to know, really.

Sigh. It looks great. I have to go knit now.

Can't wait to see it all sewed up and finished. Great Olympic Knitting!

Well, I'm excited.... Congrats!

wow, you are FAST!!! they look great.

I'll bet the athletes in the "real" Olympics don't love the training every single day either, but they love themselves the gold medal.


Sixteen days is a pretty tight turnaround for a sweater, so I gotta hand it to you. I can't wait to see it! I know it's got bell sleeves... I love bell sleeves!

Oh, I share in your joy! I am at that stage wtih my Drop-Stitch pullover and am loving myself sick every time I pass the guest room and catch a sight of it blocking/drying on the bed in there. I can't wait to start putting it together!

Lovely, and the color is gorgeous!


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