KIP Alert!

To all my fellow Bostonian KIPers, we have a new venue on Broad Street.


Some of you might know Flatblack from its Lower Mills location in Dorchester. That's where I discovered it a couple of years ago. The café is near my seamstress, and I love to drop in for a quick espresso after dropping off some trousers to be hemmed. The coffee is good, and the staff is pleasantly caffeinated without being frantic.

Lower Mills is, however, nowhere near my non-car orbit, so I'm happy to have their new outlet open at the corner of Milk and Broad, in the Architects' Building.


oh I get it! Like Norm... duh. Cool lookin' cafe. See you tomorrow!!

Looks cozy - lucky you!

Thanks for the hook-up - I work around the corner from there and am always looking for a place to knit at noon!
i'll be the one making socks!

Cool. I am always looking for quick places for a bite to eat or something to drink on my way to the Aquarium! *fish**fish*


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