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This weekend has been quite productive for my Olympic bid. I'm feeling very confident:

First, we have a sleeve:


Then, we have an in-progress front:


I feel good about my ability to finish by next Sunday.

Must dash! Happy Presidents' Day everyone!


Excellent progress!

I do love bell sleeves.

You'll do it and have time to spare....

you're going to be totally fine to finish this sweater! i can't wait to see it all done :)

You can see the finish line!

pretty paltry postings but since you're going for the gold, you're forgiven. did you like our rendition of happy birthday yesterday when we called you from knitsmiths?

oh, and it was dana's idea...you should check out the pictures from her party that she posted on her blog http://barelyknitting.blogspot.com

Your progress is excellent. I think you're right on track to be finished in time for next weekend! Yay you!

i hope you had a happy birthday!!!


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