I Want This Hat

Dear Marc Jacobs,

While I usually think that most designer fashion is anything but, I take exception to this hat:

(picture from the New York Times)

In spite of my generally conservative fashion sense, I find myself drawn to this hat from your Fall 2006 collection. Yes, I do understand that wearing this hat outside might risk public ridicule ("Hey! Doughnut head!") but still, I remain intrigued. Do you think that it would look good on a far-from-anorexic woman?

If so, please email the pattern to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much.


Subway Knitter


I know that I probably shouldn't comment, since I'm, well, uh, knitting boots, but in my oh so humble opinion, that hat is not okay. The girl looks like she has a jellyfish on her head! As curious as I might be as to how the hat is made (or what the actual gauge is!), I cannot let you make a giant mushroom cap without saying something.

But hey, if you do make it, we could wear our silly fashion knits together one day. Maybe we'll cancel each other out and both look cool then!

We would say "tĂȘte de champignon de Paris", ( mushroom-head ) here.
You are right: it may look weird, but I like it.

I can see the fascination. It certainly is.....mesmerizing.

I love that hat! Wonder what size the needles are?

Look at her facial expression - I'm sure the hat has tentacles that it has sunk deep into her brain and is practicing mind contol. The hat looks like a life form of some sort...

Thanks, Chris, made me LOL!

I'm, uh, at a loss for words. I've had your page loaded for almost an hour and I keep peaking back at it to see if another view will help me to understand. I think I get it now, but that wasn't my first impression.

(it looks like a tube knit with stuffing between the innter and outter layers...given that you've designed sweaters and such, I bet you could come up with a pattern with a finished product that trumps that one...)

enjoy all the snow!

Yep: hemerroid pillow as head gear. What else can you do with those things once the inflamation goes down?

The hat is weird, but it speaks to me.

It kind of reminds me of that Fat Albert character who has the hat thingy over his eyes. That and a mushroom.

If you get the instructions, please share with me. I love the hat.


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