I Have No Standards

I have been reading quite a few posts lately about knitting and blogging philosophies. I won't link to any here, because I'm certain that the ones I read were a few of many--no need to single them out. This topic seems to circle around blogland periodically, and apparently we are back into an introspective phase: what you will (or will not) knit, and why.

I never think about the big picture of my knitting. Am I alone in this? Because speaking for myself, I'm not sure that there's anything to mull over. A few of these posts have made me think that because I lack a very deep insight into my knitting, I have very low knitting standards. Maybe that's true. Guess what? I don't care!

I was going to continue the discussion and tell you why I knit what I do, but then I realized that I don't really know or care what drives my knitting. You probably don't care either. And that's perfectly fine! You worry about your knitting, and I'll worry about mine.

Speaking of my knitting:



Will become something like this:


As of today, 14:00 EST, (19:00 GMT) we'll be off!! Go Olympians! This is going to be fun.


go colleen!!! i can't wait to see your sweater come to life. that tweedy green is awfully pretty..

.. and, on the whole why-we-blog-or-knit-what-we-knit thing.. i so enjoy reading about all of my blog buddies' projects. if i'm having a particulary tough time with a knit, i can live vicariously through them! it's very therapeutic.

Well said. It's only knitting.

Have fun casting on tonight! Is it a bad omen if it takes me the entire opening ceremonies to do the tubular cast on?

I knit another pair of your convertible mittens. There on my blog. Best of luck on your Olympic Challenge!

if i thought about my knitting and blogging too much it wouldn't be fun anymore. and i spend enough of my day doing unfun things already. see you tonight.


We knit what we do because we want a hat or mittens or whatever... either for ourselves or to give to someone. I never think of it much beyond that. As Theresa said, it's only knitting. I think it's a bit odd to go looking for a deeper meaning in knitting.

Heh. My only "won't knit" rule is no acrylic that is so acrylic is squeaks. Otherwise, it's all good. I knit what strikes me, when it strikes. That's about it.

Go go go go go!! I have my supplies at the ready...

time to cast on! I know why I knit - two easy reasons, no deep philosopies here - 1. Something I can do that's interesting and continually learn new stuff on so I'm not a booooring stay at home Mom. 2. Because I want to wear (or have my kids wear) the stuff I knit. And why I blog? So I don't bore my non knitting counterparts with all the tidbits I am dying to share.... am hoping to see you later tonight, but I can already see the schedule going up in flames. Might make it later!

I like tweedy green!

I keep the knitblog so I won't drive my BF crazy talking about knitting and spinning! Ha ha! Seriously, it's about learning new techniques, meeting people (online and in person) and community.

Quite refreshing really, someone who blogs because she loves knitting and who cares why! Good luck with the Olympics, you will have fun.

AMEN Colleen! Why do we have to analyze everything? I like to knit. I like to share my knitting with others knitters. What else do you need to know?

I sure don't think about the deeper meaning of my knitting either. Although, your post made me think of my pottery teacher-if a piece just did *not* work out and became a vaguely bowl shaped lump, he would say the "spirit of the clay" was to be an ashtray. So failed knitting projects aren't failed, just not in keeping with the "spirit of the yarn" :) Gorgeous tweed!

See I don't read any of those posts as having anything to do with knitting. It's more the blogging - and not even that.

YAY for casting on! GO COLLEEN! Although I already think I'm in trouble. Ugh. And I'm not even sure I like my project anymore. Double UGH!

Love, love, love the you worry about your knitting, I'll worry about mine comments.=) Really, as long as everyone is enjoying their knitting, who cares?


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