How NOT to Design a Sweater



Piles and piles of paper + lots of scribbling + lists of numbers=total chaos.

I should have known that this would happen. When I resized and redesigned the Spring Breeze Top, I made little effort to keep my notes and calculations neat and tidy. Pattern writing for the original design happened in one looooong block over Presidents' Day Weekend 2005. I saved all my notes from that time, and boy, they're a dream compared to what I have now. The 2005 notes are actually helpful, whereas what I created this week became immediately inscrutable as soon as I put it down.

What would I do differently next time? As I did with the original design, I would start with a dimensioned sketch, rather than lists of desired measurements. I tried to do the opposite this time, and it did not work well. Now that I have an idea of where the math-heavy portions of the pattern (armhole and sleeve-cap shaping) lie, and what's contained in those calculations, it will be easier for me to work from a schematic. Instead of creating the schematic from the lists and a few numbers, I can do the opposite.

No matter, the results of this jumble are recorded in the pattern. I made notes where I think problems might exist (I'm mightily concerned about some of the decreases on the smaller sizes) and I can change from there.


I'm still impressed, I don't care what you say. And I'm sure the finished project will be genius - in fit and fashion - and who cares what the notes look like?

I'll be looking forward to my ass email today, thank you very much! ;-)

Could you make use of an Excel spreadsheet for any of the calculations?


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