Highly Problematic

Well, the IT geniuses in my place of work have managed to block Blogger, Typepad, Bloglines, Haloscan, echonyc, and almost all other blogging websites. Essentially, if you don't have your own domain, I can't read you. Even so, some of you with your own domains (Gleek!) get blocked as well. Curses! When a site gets blocked one receives a message "If you think that this site has been blocked in error please email blah, blah, blah." It's almost as if they are taunting me, because of course the sites haven't been blocked in error, and they know it.

Sigh! Perhaps this is a temporary problem. For now, it means that my blog reading is confined to mornings and evenings (as it probably should have been all along, but...).

These days it will be a choice between reading and commenting, or knitting. So please understand: I'm lurking.

To distract you, a picture of Boston Public Gardens after the storm:


Oh no... how sad for you... they've done that a long time ago at my office. But somehow Bloglines escaped the restrictions (for now). I guess I'm the only one using it and so it doesn't show up on their listings.

Cheers Eva

Don't you hate when work interferes with blogging? And knitting? It's just so damned frustrating. ;-)

Damn, that sucks!!!

bummer! You'll need to spend your lunch at a wi fi coffee shop with your own laptop... or knitting!

does this mean that the IT eeks were watching you all along??

So sorry to hear that! When I'm at the hospital, all web-based email sites are blocked, so if I want to email someone, I send them an article from the NYTimes website and add a message at the top.

Partly because I want to feel subversive - like they can't make me work even if they try. A healthy attitude, I realize.

How dare they! Seriously, I think I might die from withdrawl if that happened to me, work is the only time I have some peace and quiet (thats what motherhood does to you!)

Bummer. I recognize that message and I doubt it's temporary. They start with a basic list of sites to block (like bloglines and such) that are obviously not business-related. They also keep a log of sites that get hit and when a threshold is hit, they check it and block it if it's not business related. So sites that you can check now and that you visit regularly from work might become unavailable after a while... Bummer.

Yikes! That really sucks, Colleen. :( I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this is a very temporary thing. Eep!

horror of horrors! losing access to blogfeeds at work is one of my biggest fears! as i do about 75% of my blogiverse exploration between business hours....... i'm really so sorry. truly unfortunate!

horror of horrors! losing access to blogfeeds at work is one of my biggest fears! as i do about 75% of my blogiverse exploration between business hours....... i'm really so sorry. truly unfortunate!

I never would have thought my hospital would be considered liberal about such things. So far, so good. Let me not tempt the fates here.

Damn! If they did that at my job I would be soooo pissed. It sucks to not have "real" internet at work. Poopie to them!

I have a similar problem at work (an elementary school), which is so annoying. It's weird to go to a knitting blog, of all things, and be told that it's blocked because of p0rn0graphy! Wha?

that's so ridiculous!! and also why i never add "blog" anywhere in my URL..

but if i'm being blocked then i don't know.. maybe it's the META tag

i'll remove it from my site and see if that helps!

Damn. That's really stinky, I'm sorry!

oh dear. that would break my heart! every once in a while, i really need to sit back and look at pretty knitting blogs to remain sane.

There's always surfing by *cough* anonymous web proxy *cough* like anonymizer.com - unless "IT" also stands for "totally devious" at your company.

Bastards. I hope my site is on the good list.

Shhhh! (whispering here-->) I've gotten around this by emailing myself from home with a page of links to my favorite blogs. I can at least click on those links and get in. That hasn't been blocked for some reason. Try it and see if that works.

Ack! That is not good. Not good at all.

My blog reading time has been severely shortened not because of IT blocking, but because I'm just too busy at work to read during the day!


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