Thank you to everyone who offered a sock-book suggestion on Thursday. The books sound intriguing and are exactly the type which I was seeking, but the sensible side of me agrees with Claudia: among my VKs and IKs there must be quite a few sock patterns. An internet hunt turned up a few more (thanks Stephanie for linking to this last week). Agnes (thinking very much the same way as Claudia) sent me the link to these free sock patterns. Again, thank you!

Meanwhile, because the knitting plate has to be very, very, very clean before Friday we still have to talk about my Bucket o' Chic. I spent some quality time in my basement having a little fulling jamboree.

Okay, I cheated. Based on past experience with Cascade 220 I threw the hat in the washer with jeans, a canvas bag which needed washing, and some detergent. I set the washer on "hot" and used the long cycle. Then, I ran back upstairs to begin dinner preparations. I expected that the hat would need at least two cycles to full properly, so I didn't feel a need to hover over the machine as it agitated.

Fifteen minutes later I returned, just as the wash cycle was spinning to a close. I stopped the machine, and dug into the drum to find my hat. Whoa! That hat was fulled to a crisp. Did I overdo it?

Fulled wool can be poked and prodded, stretched and shaped into the size that you want. In fact, I think that the reshaping part finalizes the hat's look, and it's an important part of the fulling process.

Immediately from the wash the hat was too snug. After some pulling and reshaping, the fit was perfect. I laid it out on my special hat-blocking apparatus.





Yay! I love this hat. Will there be more? You bet!!

The details:

Pattern: Bucket o' Chic (fulled version), pattern link is above. This is a GREAT pattern, and I highly recommend it as a simple knit with a highly functional result. I know that this would make a great gift.

Yarn: Cascade 220 in colorway 8012, just about a skein.

Needles: US11s, 16-inch circulars and double points.

What I changed: nothing! I knit the pattern as written. Imagine that!

What would I do differently? Not much. If I were feeling creative, I would embroider a line of yarn onto the hat before felting. And maybe, just maybe, I would like it to be just a touch bigger. We'll see about that after the next windy day.

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I'm glad it turned out right and I'm betting there are pictures. But I ain't seein' em.

Wow. I would never have believed it. It looks great!

Cascade felts wonderfully! It looks great!

And thanks for the sock links. Agnes's page is great!

Needle felt a line of contrasting color on. I've got an extra felting needle if you don't have one and want to try it.

Came out looking great! It looks like it fits nicely, too!

wow, what an amazing difference after fulling. that is so cool!

nice looking hat too/

The hat looks great! I was going to send you a link to sockbug, but I see you already have it. I also have some patterns from a site that had over 90 pages of sock patterns in a .pdf, so I will email it to you as I don't recall the link right now. No need to buy a sock book if you're not much in the way of knitting socks anyhow. Tons of free patterns on the web. I used one pattern from the .pdf I was speaking of to knit my Sockapalooza socks and they were well-received!

It's the miracle of fulling! Love that hat.

hat looks great on you... and I love the before and after shots... !

It looks great! Congrats on another fabulous knit!

The hat looks great. What a difference between before and after!

The "pre" shot is priceless. It turned out well.

That is too funny. It must take a leap of faith!

Another greeeeat hat! I love felting in the washing machine, it is always surprising.

I love that before shot. It makes me giggle. =)
The hat looks really great. Maybe that would be a good first felting project....hmmmmm.

it came out great!

(I love the magic of before/after feltings shots. I'd almost think you were kidding with that before shot and if I were knitting it according to the pattern (with no idea what it could look like) I'd probably have abandoned it with a "what were they *thinking*" look on my face.)

I fell behind in my reading but I also second the internet/older copies of IK for sock patterns. I can't wait to see how your sockapalOOOza socks turn out - the yarn is beautiful!

Ah! It looks great! Way to go!


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