Here we are: day three of the month of birthdays (mine) and chocolate (um, Valentine's Day--and if you don't have a Valentine to buy you chocolate, then go and be your own).

It would seem that some people do not like February. I guess I understand. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, February is usually bleak and chilly. Definitely not weather at it's best. Perhaps Ms. Nicola can give us a different perspective from Down Under.

Still there are reasons to be cheerful, knitting-wise. Sockapaloooza will soon have us pulling out our DPNs (or magic loops,or two circulars) and the Knitting Olympics will be challenging us to knit our best.

I agree with Cassie:


Ah,another February baby! What's the date for yours?

Hey - same as me too. Mine's today. Got the best present this AM - a friend took Maya to school in the rain so I can sit here and drink tea and visit blogs. And plan socks.

Birthday bliss....

Happy birthday whenever it is. February is not typically a great month in Vermont. But March can be worse, if only because it's one more month of winter after many months of the same.

This year, it's practically mid-Atlantic and we've had more rain than snow, so I can't complain. I'm a little spooked by it, but I can't complain.

And the chocolate. Yeah.

ooo, my birthday is february, too.

ooo, my birthday is february, too.

ooo, my birthday is february, too.

February is so much better than January! Avenge on;-)

joe's birthday is in february. when's yours

Happy Birthday month! I love February, it means I made it through January.

All months when I wake up on the correct side of the grass are good months.


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