Dry Time

The Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed feels loftier and squishier than typical wool yarn. I wonder if somehow the spin or fiber composition of this yarn holds less water than 100-percent wool worsted-weight yarn.

I'm accustomed to sweater pieces taking at least three days to dry on my blocking board. Even my tiny felted hat, which I put over a warm radiator, took two days to dry fully.

I'm almost sure that these pieces will dry in less time. As I was squeezing water out of the pieces after their bath, I could feel that the water came out very easily. While my sweaters usually feel almost saturated when I lay them out, the Subway Sweater felt slightly more than damp.

This might mean that I can stretch the seaming over a few days, rather than one long eye-straining session. I love seaming (no really, I do) but I cannot do it in long stretches without wishing I were somewhere (or someone) else.


What colour is that Silkroad Aran Tweed? As far as I can tell from the internet, that seems to be the official yarn of knitting Rogue... I just wish I could see the stuff in person! Do you happen to know how light (overpastel?) the Taffeta colour is and how dark (cable-hiding?) the Quartz colour is?

oh that's so cool -- you'll have a sweater by the weekend!

as for the yarn, wool is the most absorbent of fibers. maybe it's the 15% non-wool that's making it absorb less?

The Jo Sharp does dry fast. I love that yarn. You know it grows with blocking though right? Oh course, it would've been good if I mentioned that earlier but then again I'm sure you did elaborate swatch testing so it's all good.

See you soon!!!!!

you're so close to the finish line! i see gold in your future :)

Dear Collen,
I am keeping my fingers crossed for you (but I will keep on knitting).
Great pattern, great colour!
I will knit Springbreeze again in the new pattern!

I hope to love seaming as you do someday. I always feel like I want to be somewhere else when I am seaming.

I hope to love seaming as you do someday. I always feel like I want to be somewhere else when I am seaming.

I LOVE Silkroad Aran. In fact, I think I'll go home and tweak the rolling bottom edge on my Silkroad sweater, so it's ready for next week's cold snap.

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