Decisions Must Be Made!

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about the Subway Sweater. WIth the Knitting Olympics finished, it's time to turn my yarnish attentions to that other big knitting event: Sockapaloooza. I have my pal, I have my yarn, now it's time to decide on a pattern.

You might remember that I'm using Dani's wonderful handdyed yarn. A quick email to Dani confirmed that the Dusk colorway is variegated, not self-striping. Because of the bright colors, I think that most any stitch pattern would get completely lost in the variegations.

That reality eliminated Embossed Leaves and Retro Rib. I wasn't too disappointed by that: it seems like loads of knitters are doing EL these days.

I decided to turn to my old favorite, Priscilla Gibson Roberts's short-row heel sock, from IK. I'll use her pattern for the numbers, and include a different stitch pattern on the cuff. Because the pattern is completely familiar to me, I'm shaking things up a bit by using the tubular cast-on for the first time. What you see here is the third attempt.


With that out of the way, it's time to get out of town for a few days. I'll return this weekend, and remember, there will be a pattern to post!


I fell in love with the tubular cast on for my Olympic sweater, but I tried a couple versions before I got it to work. I ended up using the one described by Knitty and Nancy Wiseman.

P.S. I think you have me confused with Kristen regarding carrot souffle - she's the med student who actually cooks ;)

Hope you had fun the remainder of the party - I love the colorway on these socks! Have fun out of town - will catch you later on....

I love tubular cast on. Enjoy! Its fiddly, but so worth learning. Its great for double-knitting as well as 1x1 rib.

Lucky sock pal!

Have a great trip!

You're going to love the way the tubular cast-on looks when you take off the waste yarn! The first time I did it was such a great experience.

You Gotcha one of the nicest blogs I have seen.


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