Blogging While Hungry

Don't do it.

You how you're not supposed to go grocery shopping when you're hungry? Well, the same must be true about blogging, except there's no way that I could come home with three times the amount of food I usually require from reading a few blogs.

First, we have Ms. Minestrone Soup. Just the title of her blog makes me hungry. Oh, how I love you, minestrone soup! Good thing, you know, that I can't look at her blog in "This site has been blocked"-land because otherwise I might be out on the streets of the North End, looking for a big bowl. Whew! Dodged a bullet there.

Then there's Alison, showing us all pictures of bakery deliveries. Mmm, mmm. What goes better with minestrone soup than some fresh baked bread? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.

How am I going to distract myself from all of this yummy goodness? With my knitting, of course. Look:


I am endeavoring to make my stay on Sleeve Island as short as possible. Here's my progress when I wasn't slurping down soup or munching on bread rolls.


:) I never thought my blog would make someone hungry ... ha ha ha .
See you at the Closing Ceremonies? Maybe I'll actually say hello... ha ha ha.
:) Kate

Glad I just had breakfast. :)

Yeah, me too--glad I had breakfast!!

How about an afternoon nosh form the North End? Someone from work ran over and got a PILE of panzarattis, they're those balls of mashed potatoes with mozarella inside, and then the whole thing is deep fried. (They also got a bunch of rice balls with ground beef and cheese, but I haven't tried that yet.) But, yeah, blogging while hungry is NOT good.

You have Gotcha really nice blog


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