Worth the Wait

I wasted no time on Friday afternoon; I had been waiting long enough. As soon as I disembarked at Penn Station, I headed to The Point to collect my order of Claudia Handpainted yarn. The train karma was good that day, and I walked directly from an on-time Amtrak train straight to an A train, and I was at The Point in less than 15 minutes.


I ordered the yarn way back in early September. Since ordering, I forgot everything about this yarn. So, when I saw it again on Friday, everything about it was a suprise, especially the feel. It is some of the softest merino that I have ever felt. Have you touched this yarn yet? Be prepared. When you do get your hands on a skein, you'll want to roll around in a giant pile of the stuff.

I'll let you decide whether or not you remain clothed in this yarn fantasty.


Umm, yeah, I think I would want to roll around in it too. I forgot all about that yarn. Beautiful stuff!

Fabulous colors! Any plans for it?

Woohoo, more yarn! The colors are fabulous.


And you have to love The Point! That's where we moved the SNB to you know... Tuesday nights 7-9 if you're ever in town!

Mmm... I think I might just be developing a weakness for soft sock yarn here. Temptress!

Wait, I just went and looked at the Claudia handpainted site. I remember I looked before and became quite confused. You can only order a bag of 10 skiens. OK, I can get that. What I don't get is how she's going to charge you whatever she happens to be charging at the point at which she gets around to dying your yarn. I haven't managed to find anything on her site that even vaguely suggests what those prices might be. Could I ask how much you paid for your bag?

I've really enjoyed the socks made out of her sock yarn that Em made me. Very soft and silky.

great colors - must touch it sometime when you knit it up at KS. What will it be?

Gorgeous colors. I'm looking forward to see how it 'grows up'.

"As soon as I disembarked at Penn Station..." That line sent little shivers down my spine. I love train travel, particularly when it terminates at a yarn shop.

drive by comment, just wanted to wave hi, love the yarn.

yep, that yarn is mighty lovely!

Oooh, I can't wait to see and feel them myself! Maybe Sunday?

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