I blocked this baby Claudia style:


Fiestaware bowls make the perfect hat-blocking apparatus! Balanced over a sturdy glass vase, I propped my hat stand on top of a radiator.

As I wrote yesterday, I was worried about the hat's size after blocking. The wet wool grew in both length and width and I was not convinced that the hat would regain a semblance of its pre-blocking dimensions. "Relief" doesn't quite describe the emotion I felt when I discovered that my knitting had not been in vain. The hat did indeed shrink back to its proper size.

All that remained was the hem sewing. But, wait a minute! The stockinette portion of the hem was shorter than the Fair Isle section. How did that happen? My Fair Isle row gauge must have changed slightly, resulting in a longer colorwork section. This meant that I couldn't attach the hem to the purled turning row as I had planned.

I debated about this, and exchanged a few emails with Claudia, but deep down I knew what I had to do. I slipped my needle through the right hand side of the very lowest V in each row. (Go here for an excellent how-to article.)


Then I oh-so-carefully cut apart my cast on edge. The picture below is an attempt to capture this. Once I found my rhythm it was only a matter of snipping on loop and pulling away the length of cast-on yarn. Snip, pull, snip, pull, snip, pull and soon I was back to to the beginning, with 100 live stitches. I unraveled a further dozen or so stitches, just to have enough of a tail with which to begin the additional rows. Using some of the accent color (because i have a ton of it) I knit seven more rows so that the stockinette hem matched the length of the fair isle.


To join the hem, I picked up a loop on the back of the fair isle bit for each live stitch at the bottom of the hem. I bound off a loop with the live stitches. No additional seaming!


The colorwork:


The top (courtesey of Bonne Marie Burns's Bucket Hat pattern--see below for link);


The look (photo credit, Matt):

Yay! I love it! I love it so much that I wish that the weather were colder so that I wouldn't look so ridiculous wearing it (because if you think that I'm not wearing a hat this fabulous even if the weather is springlike in its warmth, you're crazy.)

[Please ignore the obvious fact that I was NOT outside when I modeled this hat, desite my feeble attempt to fool you by wearing the scarf.]

The details:

Pattern(s): Claudia's version of the Bonne Marie Burns's Bucket Hat used for the top shaping.

Yarn: Cascade 220, main colorway 8012, and 9448 for the accent colorway.

Needles: US8s, 16-inch circulars and DPNs

Would I knit this again? You bet!

What would I do differently or change? Next time, I will definitely close up the hem before blocking to eliminate any gauge surprises. This "pattern" is pretty flexible. Essentially it's a giant picot hem with a top--there're many ways to customize it. Use your imagination.

Now that I have the perfect hat, I can finish my resized version of the Urban Necessity Gloves. Some knitters make socks, I knit gloves. They're a great on-the-go kind of project.

And speaking of being the go, I'm off for the weekend. Hey Spiders, I'll be seeing some of you later. The rest of you? I'll see you on Tuesday.


Whew! Glad the work was not in vain. It looks great on you.

Wow - great fix! Love how the hat looks on you - it's not at all what I was picturing based on how it looked during blogging. (That's a good thing. Trust me.)

The hat looks great! And best of all, you are clearly VERY happy with it.

Yo. You're coming down? What's up?

so cute!! the hat looks really really great. i'm sure you will get to wear it often!

i couldn't sleep last night waiting for this installment...now i can start this project...it looks fabulous...the best "hat look" yet!

Looks wonderful! I especially like the contrast stripe all the way at the top. Enjoy wearing it!

that looks great!

It looks awesome Colleen! Enjoy it, the cold is coming again soon!

WOW -- it's gorgeous!!!

Great hat! Even though I'm loving my little celtic cap (from the designer of Rogue), I think I might have to learn colourwork so I can have one of those as well for when it's colder. This might well be next year, but still. :)

Wow, that hat looks great. I really like it and it's the perfect shape. Maybe next year for me too.

The hat looks great! Nice colorwork. =)

It's SO cute! Now I want one :)I'll have some nice green cascade 220 leftover from my cutaway sweater...hmmmm.

It's beautiful, and it looks like it fits you perfectly. Brava!

It really suits you!

absoulutely awesome - and I love the bowl blocking idea from Claudia!

I *knew* I had a thing for FiestaWare for a reason. All that money is not spent for nothing trying to get my multicolored set on eBay piece by piece! God, to think that mom sold all of ours at a garage sale in 1979 because she wanted to use PAPER plates when we went camping instead of that!!! hahahahaha

that hat looks great -- not to worry -- it's supposed to get cold again this weekend.

Very nice! I love the blocking bowl.

So, so cute on you! Nice work fixing the problems and making it just perfect.

I think the contrast color at the turning row and the top really make this hat look great. Nice mods!

The hat is wonderful, and looks beautiful on you. Once again I see something you've finished and I want to knit one also.

Oh la la, this is beauuuuutiful !!! Just perfect !

hello...fabulous! Love it!

Wow! It looks great!

It's fabulous ! And very flattering.

Beyoutiful! I really wish it was below 70 here so I could wear a hat that cute!

I'm so glad your hat turned out so well after all! I'll cross my fingers for some colder weather in your neck of the woods so you can try it out for real. Happy weekend!

Colleen, that hat really is perfectection. wonderful job. color me impressed.

btw, sorry i missed you at the Point. I had no idea you were there! I would have totally said hi, otherwise. Oh well. . .

It looks great! see? Nothing to worry about. Now you just have to get rid of that warm New England weather. ;) I hope you have a great weekend.

What a great fix. The hat is gorgeous!

would you post an entry dammit....you go away for a weekend and we don't hear from you...it's not like you can't get to a computer.... :)

would you post an entry dammit....you go away for a weekend and we don't hear from you...it's not like you can't get to a computer.... :)

My goodness, that hat is gorgeous! Great job!

What a great hat!!! I love that pattern . . . very celtic looking!!

I love the hat - especially the design on top!

thank goodness for your technical, step by step tutorial for fixing this hat...i'm doing the same thing right now so i can extend my flap to the end of the fair isle...it's really working...you'll see it on sunday or i'll email you a pic....


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