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How about another new hat?


As soon as Claudia turned me on to the Celtic Harbor Hat last month, I knew that I was only a matter of time before I, too, began one. I eagerly awaited the pattern's arrival in the mail, watched Claudia's progress, and searched out just the right colorway of Cascade 220 to be the accent color (9448, if you're curious). I haven't used the accent colorway yet, so you're looking at the familar 8012.

I'm knitting this hat Claudia style. Like Claudia, I'm ignoring most of the pattern, except for the fair isle chart because (like Claudia) I got the idea that this hat should have a pillbox shape. I did some quick math using the row gauge from my Cascade 220, and decided that (again, like Claudia) I need to add some extra rows to the sides so that the hat will cover my ears. I also anticipate downloading Bonne Marie's bucket hat pattern for the top shaping when the time comes.

Before Claudia gets completely freaked out about all this imitation, I do plan to deviate from her version in one way: I want my colorwork vertically centered on the band.


Not freaked at all.


I'm betting that hat is done by now.

I'm on the pillbox hat bandwagon. What website is Bonnie Marie's (for her hat top shaping to view). Thanks.


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