We Have a Pair!

Yay! New gloves for me!


And, I love them! Just as I anticipated they're perfect for my subway commutes. No more holding a mitten under my chin as I scrounge for my T pass. I simply slip back the top and my fingers are free (while my hands stay warm).

The details:

Pattern: my own Urban Necessity Fingerless Gloves (modified for gauge, and I omitted the cable design from the mitten top).

Yarn: Cascade 220, colorway 8012 with a small amount of 9448 as an accent color.

Needles: US7s, DPNs.

Would I knit this pattern again? Sure! Next time I'll plan a few stripes.


The look great! Nice work Colleen!

very nice! it is interesting to see your progress on the glove making.

Super gloves and amazing progress! And, since this is my first comment here, introductions would be good. I'm a brand-new knit-blogger, and I'm fairly new to knitting things that aren't straight lines. I really admire your patterns and energy and forthright approach to knitting!

So cute! I love them!


They look great.

Dude. Those are the answer.

Oh, I knew you moved and I even looked at the new domain, but then totally forgot to add you to my Bloglines at your new address. All of it sudden it dawned on me yesterday that I was missing someone, you! Glad to find you again. The Urban Necessity mitten/gloves look great. If I thought I could sneak in another pair of mittens or gloves this winter I would make them, but it will probably be next winter. I'm glad you modified them for Cascade 220. I love Cascade and will probably make some by next fall.


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