Update on the GloveS

I didn't expect to have this much progress:


Wow!  After one day of knitting I have one of the glove bodies complete, and I cast on for the second.

Instead of finishing one glove completely (mitten top and all) I decided to do this pair in sections.  First the bodies, then the top.  At this rate, I might have a finished pair before the weekend.

I think that many New Englanders will agree: this week is the perfect week to debut new gloves.


Now that's progress. Am home all day today (snowday) and have less to show on my cardigan. LOVE that sock yarn - am feeling you've been slighted in the trade. But I have a bonus skein for you next time I get to KS - blue and green variegated cotton? your colors?

Hey, I like the new digs! Those fingerless mitts are so pretty. The green trim really makes the mitt. I love it! I've seen the forecast - I'm sure they will be nice to have in the next couple of days!

testing, testing, testing,

THe fingerless mittens look great. You might have to share your variations for the Cascade. I'm all about knitting mittens, gloves and hats right now.


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