The Things You Learn...

...when you knit gloves.


With the second pair of these Urban Necessity gloves, I paid more attention to customizing the fit. Or, at least I thought that I did. The first glove was knit for my left hand. I tried on the glove numerous times to ensure that the fingers fit properly. For the right glove, however, I was not so exacting, and simply used the same stitch numbers as I did for the left hand's fingers. Both hands look the same size.

Except that they're not! I noticed this immediately when I tried on the right-hand glove after knitting the pinky finger. Not only are the right-hand's fingers thicker, but they are also slightly longer.

Very interesting, and because I'm right handed it makes sense.

The right hand glove isn't snug enough to make me want to reknit the fingers, but if I were to knit this pattern again (which I will--but not right now) I would pick up an extra stitch at the beginning of each finger for extra room.


Hands (and feet) are usually different sizes. I find that my gloves tend to felt down slightly to fit after wearing them for a while. I'll be trying your pattern soon!

I'm just in admiration of anyone who knits fingers. I might try Meg Swanson's i-cord fingers sometime, but otherwise I think they exceed my knitting fiddliness level. :)

I really admire the way you analyze your finished objects. Very scientific and helps those of us who are new to knitting to learn from your observations.

suddenly I feel guilt because I have a partially started pair of gloves. I love these that you have done.

do you find the fingers terribly fiddly?

Ha ha - the same thing happened to me when I made my first pair of mittens. The right turned out well, the left was wonky. So I made another left from a new skein and the colors were off. So I had to make a new righty to match my new lefty! The gloves look great though - perfect for knitting on the subway in the winter time!

mmm, maybe I should have used your pattern for the ones i did at xmas, rather than mixing a couple of knitty ones and making well, ok-ish ones.

i really like those gloves u made!I've wanted to make these kind of gloves but i can't find the pattern.I would really appreciate if you could give me the pattern for these gloves.


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