That's Better

I finished the second sock.


The toe grafting lies before me. I have grafted a toe once before, and the result was so-so. My tension was not very even. I know now that I could have gone back and adjusted the tension stitch by stitch.

As with the short-row heel, I suspect that this is a technique that improves with practice.

Stay tuned...


The very best grafting directions in the world are from The Knitter's Companion by Vicki Square (pages 82-83) - you can read those pages at if you go to the book and then search inside for kitchener.

The short row heels on your socks turned out very cool!

I've never really loved short row heels, but it probably does improve with practice - most things do. Except my pool playing. Then I'm really dependent on beginner's luck.

Elizabeth Zimmerman's book, Knitting Workshop, has a good blurb on kitchener stitch at the back I believe.

Have you tried the Queen Kahuna Crazy Toes and Heels method of doing socks simultaneously on two circular needles? She has a wonderful way to do the heels.

Oh man, I hate grafting. When we do it at the Point, Gleek chants "knit, purl. Purl knit". It helps.

Kitchener seems to get easier with practice. My first try didn't go well, but it was a felted bag. So it was okay. ;^)

Now I want to make socks... thanks to you.

Kitchener and I just went uncounted rounds this month, and I finally emerged victorious. I chopped together some directions that I found foolproof. Will I see you tomorrow?

The socks look great! I alo recently kitchenered for the first time - with the help of "Teach Yourself Visually Knitting" - a little cheesy, but clear step-by-step instructions. Also, I had to concentrate really hard. I got screwed up when I was distracted by a very bra-less Drew Barrymore on the Golden Globes. Honestly, what was she thinking? And why was I watching??

Kitchener is really not that bad. At first it is difficult, but the more you do it, the more you just remember it. I never thought that would happen, but it has. The socks look great.


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