Report on MITD

After the Main Index template disaster (MITD) things are back up and running at, thanks to some help from Gleek.  After taking a look under the blogging hood, so to speak, she correctly guessed that the problem stemmed from the display setting. 

I had MT set to display the last seven days of posts.  Of course, by last Friday night, all the sample posts which I had thrown up there were older than seven days.  Their disappearance had nothing to do with the changes I made to my sidebar.  Whew!

Never again will I change my templates without first making a backup copy.  It's very easy to copy and past an unadulterated copy of a template into a text file.  This is exactly what I did.  Now, I can tinker with abandon, and if I make a horrible mistake, the backup copy is there.

Meanwhile, my fingerless gloves are working up quickly. 


At this rate, I might have a pair by next weekend.  I finished the pinky.  For a touch of color, I bound off with the same green that I used on the cuff.



Glad it all worked out for you with the MT and all!

Yeah, I feel your pain. When blogger lost it's mind a few weeks ago I tried to republish hoping that would make my blog reappear, which it did, but I lost everything in my sidebar and had to rebuild from scratch. Including the ring codes, which were a bitch to find/redo. Now I keep a "hard copy" saved in word. Just in case...

I also learned that lesson with frustrating.

The gloves are looking great. I tried making these last year and kept getting little holes as I added the fingers. It seemed like I was missing something. I am looking forward to seeing how they shape up.

I like the design idea on the glovelets. I may pick up Eric's Glovelets once more and get some length on them.


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