Felting projects can be completely mindless (and good for those times when the knitting group hilarity reaches a crescendo, and you don't think that your brain can handle the snarky comments AND keeping track of a stitch pattern), but seemingly neverending.

I finished the rows required for the hat band, and now I'm picking up stitches for the hat body ("Body?" Is that what one calls the head part of the hat? There must be a better word.)


Once this is done, and I have knit the first row the project will again become mindless. For today, however, I'll be hunched over busily picking up stitches.


Perhaps you mean the "crown" of the hat, as in "Jack fell down and broke his crown".

Err... just to clarify, I know that "crown" in the Jack quote refers to his head. Still, that part of a hat is also referred to as a "crown". This has been a public show of pedanticism. Beep!

just make sure you're at a mindless part tomorrow afternoon!

Picking up of stitches, my LEAST favorite part of knitting. Hope you get to the mindless part quickly.

Ugh, picking up stitches - hope it goes quickly and well.

Hello! I found your blog when you where doing gloves and I was going to follow along and ask questions and make gloves which I have none done for a long time.
Your blog quit posting. So, finally I got here somehow and the gloves are over.
However I started a pair on three needles - everything peachy till I got to Wrap and Twist, If I was taught this I do not remember the class. My classes were from my grandmother. I knit on the subway. People look at me in the strangest ways. I found this great pattern for felted gloves. I want to finish them this week and felt.
But this stitch start 4 knit rounds after the gussett and moving stitches to a holder for the thumb.
You knit one slip the next stitch purlwise to the right needle and bring the thread forward then replace the stitch back on the left needle and then bring the thread forward turn your work and knit - here is the part that paniced me. I have to purl 18 stitches which means I have to purt on the 2nd needle to have 18 stitches on one needle, then you w&t and turn work then knit 16 stitches and it feels weird.
It feels weird to loose the 3rd needle and have only two with stitches.
The glove looks fine.
I am doing them for a friend and I want them to look nice. I finish the last w&t today. Begin decreasing and then to the thumb. I have really surprised myself how easy it has been till that point. Need encouragement. Is there a place on the internet with this stitch and explanation how socks and gloves go from three needles to two?


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