With the knitting plate clear, it's time for a little pre-Olympic training (I have heard that swatching before the 10th is okay--please tell me if I'm wrong). My photoshop skills are not quite on-par with Ms. JKC, so I won't imitate her post from last week.


Not only will this project be a challenge to complete in 10 days, but it will also be a stash-buster. I have had this Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in the yarn box for a little more than a year. I bought it at WEBS with plans for a cable project. The right cable project never materialized.

Its time has come, and I decided to use it for my reworked Spring Breeze Top.

A little discussion of where I feel my game, I mean, my pattern can improve:

From the bottom up:

1. Ditch the picot cast-off edge and use either a simple knitted hem, or a picot hem.

2. Adjust the hip and waist cirumferences.

3. Shorten the armhole height.

4. Tweak the V-neck shaping so that it's straigher.

5. Play with the sleeve shaping. Perhaps narrower sleeves might be more convenient.

6. Add a section to the pattern where custom short-row bust shaping can be added.

In addition to the shaping changes, I'll also need to devise different sizes.

Please tell me that math is appropriate before the 10th. Please?!


Everything except that first cast on is OK - math, swatching, winding yarn, buying buttons, sharpening your needles (if you sharpen your needles), even trying to figure out what your pattern says in Japanese.

I can't believe I got sucked into this!

Oh, yeah... you can swatch before 2/10. You can swatch, do math, make charts, pre-wind yarn, gather your knitting bag together... it's all good.You CAN'T cast on for the project though. Remember, you're a're in "training"... :)

Always so organized! I better get my ass moving. I don't even have yarn for my project!

oh god, i must start my training immediately! looks like you've got a lot to do on this project. you've knit it before?

Well, you've already heard that you can do everything but cast on before the 10th. I just found out about this yesterday - I'm tempted, but really need to get moving to figure out a project and raid the stash!

you are so, so well-organized! nice yarn. man, you guys are going to be much more fun to watch than the broadcasts. i may knitalong, lurker-style, but i'm so far from having it together, it's pitiful.

You are good to go on all counts. Jimmy the Freak in Vegas has you at even odds to finish and win!

(Delurker here) I'm happy to see that you'll be writing this pattern for different (smaller) sizes. I downloaded your original pattern but then realized that the size wouldn't work for me.

That is one of my all-time favorite yarns and colors.
I wonder of the Team Boston has a Special Olympics for us newbies? Or, maybe we can get a little head start? I've been carb-loading (stocking up on yarn) to get ready for the event, but don't know what category. lol Oh, the pressure of it all.

That's some nice looking yarn you have there. I can't wait to see the revised, finished project! Nice to see the (non-conflicting!) Spiders Button up there too. Go Boston! Go Spiders!

That yarn was just great in person. I can't wait to see how things go!

Wonderful yarn! Ok, what is Boston Team and olympic knitting? Also, the felt hat pattern - where may I find it on line or in book? Also, when I found this site, there where glove mittens being done. That is why I started my mittens that are felted.
Not felted yet- scared, doing it this weekend. I have a lot of yarn left so I wanted to do the felt hat to go with them.
Wonderful plans.


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