Let's Fool Around With These Numbers

After Monday's post about fixing the cuffs on my Urban Necessity gloves, I got to thinking about how the gloves fit. While overall the fit is not bad, it's not great for me either. I wonder what's happening. Did I overestimate the size of my hands? Did the yarn stretch (a possibility)? Did my gauge change? Do I suddenly like form-fitting gloves?

Whatever the cause, the mittens feel a little baggy. While that's fine on some days, I want to see if I can make a closer-fitting pair. I decided to knit another pair as an experiment, incorporating some of the changes I thought of while knitting the first pair.

I cast on 36 stitches (four fewer stitches than last time) on US5s (needles two sizes smaller than those used to knit the body of the glove) and began to work K1, P2 ribbing (twisting my knit stitches on every other row). I knit about two inches of ribbing. That's longer than the reworked ribbing on pair one, but shorter than the length given in the original pattern.


That's better.

And, while I've been busy with my Urban Necessity pattern, another knitter has been busy with my other design. Look at Rita's fabulous version of my Spring Breeze Top.


Way to go Rita!! I don't know about your weather in Italy, but here in Boston, it will be a long time before we have any spring breezes to enjoy.


Rita made a great job there, love the sleeves.

I have had to knit in elastic to make fingerless really get the fit I want. Using a very fine elastic from JoAnn fabrics, seems to assure some bounce back. I love the color you choose

On my blog links this entry just came up as "Let's fool around..." and I was like...whoa!

Good giggle for the day :) I also admire how much you "play" with your knits, I need to do that more!

I've been enjoying watching your glove saga. I've beenhaving a similar one myself with my first pair of mittens. I just can't figure out the thumb gore. You fingerless with the flaps looks great, though. Can't wait to see how the modified version looks.

Curious about you "twisting
your knit stitches every 2nd row"...is there a reason you don't twist them every row? It creates a really neat looking ribbing and you might like it.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I read it daily and have learned a great deal from it. This is National DeLurking Week and I wanted to come out.

So I've done 36 inches, size 4 needles for ribbing and 6 for main and it's snug as a bug. (perhaps a little TOO snug but i'm thinking it might stretch some) Finished the first glove (sans cap)- knitting in black is more challenging that I thought it would be!


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