Lazy Bones

Once I left The Point on Friday evening, there were few opportunities to do much knitting. Not that I'm complaining. One can't knit all the time without life becoming a little, well, boring.

Even on the train back to Boston progress was scant (I didn't sit in the quiet car--I think that was the reason. Too many cell phones.)

Who cares, really? It's not a race. I managed to complete the heel and almost reach the toe shaping before I knocked off and looked out the window.


This yarn is some old Bernat "Berella" from Knitting Grandma. It's worsted weight, 100-percent acrylic, and machine washable and dryable. It's not the softest yarn around, but it's perfect for what I need. As you know, I'm no yarn snob. These socks will be used as slippers around the house and will need to be washed and dried frequently.

I'm liking these worsted-weight socks, and I can see another pair in my future--especially because I have another skein of the yarn in my box. That is, if I ever finish the first pair....


Wait. That's a sock. Dind't you just knit socks? What's been going on while I was gone! :-)

Oh, yeah, worsted weight socks just whip along, don't they?

Cool sock. What pattern are you using for the toe? Can't figure it out from the visual.

Thank you.

Worsted weight AND machine-washable! Gotta love that combo for sock-knitting!

I like those - am a big fan of the idea of worsted wt socks - instanter gratification.

Oh, worsted weight, that's how it went so quickly! Are you getting both socks from one skein? They look just perfect for padding around the house. Enjoy.

How much do we love that 'quiet car'???

Wonderful socks! Perfect for around the house.


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