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I have one mitten top done. With one remaining, I say that I'm getting to the FO just in time. It is c-c-c-cold in Boston this week. As much as I love my Red Heart Mittens, I must say that 100 percent wool is warmer than 100 percent acrylic any day.


This Cascade 220 is warm and quite soft; at $7.00 a hank, you can't go wrong with it. If you notice, I decided to omit the stripes that I talked about last week. Why? Well, the more that I thought about it, the more that I realized that stripes only in the mitten top would result in a very top-heavy look.

Were I to begin these mittens again (and, P.S., I'm not) I would add a few stripes below the fingers, to balance those in the mitten top. A clever knitter would plan the stripes so that their locations matched when the mitten top was folded.

As it is, I like the solid color with a bit of green at the bottom and the fingertips. Since this pair took slighly less than one skein of Cascade 220, I have enough for another pair.


those gloves are great. they'd be perfect for driving. i have heated seats, heated side view mirrors, warm windshield washer fluid, but an ice steering wheel. what is up with that?

I just finished a pair of those gloves myself... funny thing is that I was really intimidated by them, but once you start, they aren't all that hard - and are great to wear!

I like the colors to way you did it - the green seems 'balanced' fine to me.


Those look like very warm and practical convertable mittens. Have you thought about lining them (or at least the mitten top) with a bit of polarfleece or something windproof? I have a pair of fleece-lined (literally... like roving) handknit mittens, and they're signifigantly warmer than they would be on their own, but my hands still go numb when it's windy out.

ok, you sold me. they are on my list of upcoming projects. (and you're right; i for one am growing tired of socks and i've only made 2 1/2 pairs)


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