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After I collected my yarn at The Point, I stayed for a while to knit with The Spiders. I must say that the Spiders were a lot of fun. If one of them should find herself in Boston, then she should feel free to visit Knitsmiths. Everything was the usual knitting-group stuff until the film crew showed up.

You read that correctly. Film crew! Since most of my life happens off camera (and, let's be honest, thank goodness for that) I'm not accustomed to having a camera and a boom mike waved around my person while I'm knitting (or doing anything else). I think that all of us were wondering just WTF was going on. Lucky for us Gleek had the presence of mind to take a picture.

Lucky for all of you in the US, this footage will be shown on television in Spain. No fear of suddenly encountering me and my DPNs as you flip through the channels late at night. Now that's a scary thought.

So, what was I working on while the cameras were rolling? Socks! Yeah, with the mittens mostly done, I decided to leave those at home and bring a small sock project with me.


Let me tell you, the Acela quiet car is the perfect place to get some quality knitting time. I began the hem as the train lurched away from South Station, and by the time that I left The Point, the toe was complete.


The tv crew would've totally freaked me out. :)

See...that's why I love my never know what will happen...but you'll always have something to write about!

I told my sister (lives in Barcelona) to be on the lookout for the news story!

Looking forward to showing you my half-made mittens this weekend.

Hi--I popped into the Point that night to get needles and saw you there (hey! That's "Subway Knitter"!)but, I don't know you and am usually too shy/embarrassed to say things to people I don't know (even if I feel I know them a little through their terrific blog). I'm sorry I missed the excitement with the TV crew--I love that kind of stuff.

yep, that was one weird night! someone delurked over at my blog to ask what station the news crew was from and i can't remember! oh well.

the sock looks great! you're using a sport weight yarn?

Hihihi... does this mean I have to start watching TVE now till I see it??? I would love to see y'all on TV :)

Cheers Eva

It was great meeting you at the Point! (Even though I didn't realize who you were until after you left...). We often get gawkers take our picture while we're knitting at the Point, especially if we're sitting by the window, but you're right, the film crew was a bit much.

I love the Acela for knitting time.

Heck, I just love the Acela train for everything.

Ahh, the Acela quiet car is a good, good thing.

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Keep up the good work with this threads bro :)


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