Build a Better Mitten

Or glove, or whatever you want to call it:

I think that I should change the name of this blog from Subway Knitter to Subway Knit Fixer. That's all that I seem to do lately. Knit something, fix it. Knit something else, fix that.

Not that I'm complaining. Actually, I'm grateful that I know what to do and that I'm not afraid to try it. The way I figure, the garment isn't acceptable without the fix so the worst that could happen is that the garment won't be acceptable after the fix, either. More often than not, the additional modifications improve the garment.


This is most definitely true here.


That looks gorgeous! I love it, I need to make some flap top mittens/gloves for myself!

Now that the hat/scarf/mittens match, where is the cold weather?

Looks like a perfect fit this time!

It looks more in proportion this way.

It was great meeting you Friday night at the Point! I love these mittens... you did a great job!

But, it is part of the process and certainly worth doing!

I knew you would get it fixed and fixed right!!


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