Bed Head

But you would never know it:


Pre-felted knits look very, very, VERY strange. I have my doubts about the shrinking. Shouldn't the garter-stitch portion be longer? Was my gauge off?

"Trust the pattern," my inner knitter replies, Zen-like.


The felting will have to wait until a free evening later in the week.


i just don't know if i COULD trust the pattern if it looked like that...but felting is so mysterious....

When so many other bloggers have knit the same pattern, you just have to trust it! Go go go, felt felt felt!

The suspense, the suspense...

I am having a lot of trouble picturing that working out.

Ooh, a suspenseful week on the blog!
Hopefully all will be fine. Felted knitting shrinks much more in length than width, and garter stitch felts a little differently than stockinette. Just watch it during the final felting stage--I have two hats that didn't shrink and didn't shrink and then were suddenly too small!

Hope it works, because that is soooo the reason that I never finished a bucket hat. Fingers crossed!

You're going to make us wait?

call in sick tomorrow and felt it then!!!! damn it!!

I agree with Maryse. Get cramps, go home and FELT!

Good luck on the felting! I am sure it will go well.

I'm sure it will turn out great (crossing fingers just in case) - the suspense .....!

Here's hoping...

You totally cannot leave us in suspense like this.

Felting is kind of mysterious like that. Throw it in the washer in between your duties and see. Don't forget to post some pictures, can't wait to see them.

I love the picture! I agree trust the pattern - I'm sure it will felt wonderfully.


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