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[Kristen made good. You all have to try this dish--it's simply amazing. I plan to make it for the next holiday gathering.]

Thank you to everyone who offered a solution to my Handpainted/Artyarns dilemma. The yarns will *not* be stashed indeterminately. I had a specific project in mind for these yarns, and I spent not a small amount of money to buy them--too much to allow myself to bury the skeins in my stash box.

Thank you especially to those commenters who told me that Claudia colorways change over time. Apparently they change a lot over time! I should have known (or at least thought to ask) about colorway consistency when I placed my order.

The lesson I learned (which I will share with all of you here) is this: do not buy handpainted yarns if you cannot leave the store with your yarn in hand. Even if you do this, you might find a few surprises (Knitsmiths was filled with knitters sporting slightly mismatched pairs of handknit socks--all worked from hand-dyed yarns). If you do order the yarn, expect suprises, and don't match a coordinating colorway based on a sample skein in the store or a colorcard. Wait until you have the actual skeins in your hands before you even think about coordinating.

With the Artyarns/Claudia project disaterously on the back burner, I returned to good ol' 8012. It seems to be the only yarn with which I can produce a decent project. The Fair Isle hat is fantastic, but a little warm these days. Um, has anyone else noticed how freaky our weather has been? We get snow in late October, but 50F days in mid January. What's going on?


Clearly, I need a lighter hat. A hat that will keep my hair from getting tangled from the wind and be a little bit warm, without making me sweat. How about a felted hat? A felted bucket hat, perhaps?

Is it just me, or are others having problems with Blogger photos? If you have a Blogger blog, then I haven't been able to see any of your pictures in more than two weeks. Is it my browser (Firefox)? Or is the problem with Blogger?


I got a whole in those same slightly mismatched socks just that every evening. Sad.

I use Blogger and Firefox and have had no trouble seeing photos on my blog or others. So that's not very helpful.

Hmm, I use Firefox (1.5, in XP) and am able to see pictures on blogger blogs, including my own. Very mysterious!

I have a blogger blog and I can see other's pictures too. And I use firefox also. Weird...
I have to admit that although I love looking at all the handpainted yarns(like Koigu, hmmmm...) I cannot knit with them. They pool, the colors change from skein to skein, argh! Drives me crazy.

hhmmmm, i just thought of this.. maybe you could try dying the other contrasting yarn to go with the new claudia's yarn? or maybe you'd just be happier selling it..

can I ask what type of circular needles are in the picture?

Ordered the felted hat pattern. Thank you for the linky... I think. *L* And for the lesson about handpainted yarns. It really is something to keep in mind.

I'm on Blogger and I haven't noticed anything other than Flickr going totally gonzo. But that might just be me.

sounds like a plan, whichever way you go, re: the yarn from yesterday's post. Both look great in the picture you posted and I thank you for the lesson on buying handpainted yarn in person.

cascade 220: one of my favorites as well. My rogue (that is very much still early in the process) is the same green in your celtic cap. Love that color. Will love it more in a completed sweater.

(I don't think anyone has ever single-handed'ly done this much for carrots. thank you!)


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