As Anticipated

As I anticipated, once I picked up the stitches for the head part of the hat (which, based on some internet research might simply be called the "hat"), the next part went quickly.

Then, I decided to follow the pattern's instructions. Instead of knitting a purl row and going straight to the crown decreases, I decided to bind off the 110 hat stitches and pick up stitches for the crown. I tried to pick up the correct number, but I fell five short of it.


Now, if anyone asks me if it's always important to pick up exactly the number of stitches specified in a pattern I always answer "Nooo!" So long as you have about the same number (22 instead of 20, but not 53 instead of 12), and so long as you can keep the multiple of stitches that you need (so, for example, if you need a multiple of four stitches, and the pattern says to pick up 24, don't go picking up 26. Pick up 20, 24, or 28.) you'll be fine.

Still, I debated. Should I start over? In the end, I decided to adjust my decrease spacing to accomodate five fewer stitiches. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think that I will be fine.


most definitely, it will be fine, but please tell me why you decided to bind off and then pick up again for the crown...share the wisdom...

Oh, the horror, the horror - I'll have nightmares about picking up stitches, to be sure.

Close is good enough in picking up stitches - especially if they're evenly spaced.

I can't wait to see how this turns out. I haven't started mine yet. Doing another bag first.

Good luck!

I think that in this case you'll be totally fine with the picking up stitches. But if you're about to embark on a textured or pattern stitch, having the right number becomes much more important, I think.


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