Another Knit Along

Perhaps the third time really is the charm. I signed up for Sockapaloooza and I can't wait to get my sock pal's information. The socks aren't due until May, so I won't begin them until I feel that my Olympics project is under control.


So much for the winter doldrums. It's going to be very busy around here.

It seems like everyone is getting really, really excited for the Knitting Olympics. I'm noticing food-related and project-related teams, and country teams, but no other city groups. Is Team Boston the only one? There's no Team New York? Team Toronto? Team LA?


team boston rocks!

Team boston rocks (x2)!

I need to finish the sweater I am currently working on before I get to the Olympics. Do you think I can finish a sweater by February 10th?

Not that I've seen! Bead Slut made an excellent Team Minnesota button for us, but that's as specific as I'm getting. Y'all are just so organized out there!

Hi Coleen! I don't know about a New York-Themed team, but the SPIDER contengent is ralling for Team Spider and appear to have entries in the Lace, Fair Isle and other competitions. As a Spider guest knitter, you're sure welcome to join us! Contact Stephanie ( she's the Button Master. It was nice to see you at the Point, btw.

All ye Olympians who are also in the Sockapalooza, you are the winners here. I didn't realize how popular this was until I wasn't accepted b/c I was too slow. :(


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