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[Before we get started, I need to remind Kristin that she's got 24 hours to produce the goods :-). People are clamoring, and she knows what she's got to do.]

What the...

I knew that there might be a problem from the moment I saw the Claudia Handpainted in its bag. There was much more maroon and green in the colorway than I remember seeing in September (when I ordered the yarn). In fact, it looked little like I remembered it. I liked the colorway a lot, but I wondered: how would this work with the (purple-blue) Artyarns that was waiting back in Boston. I often have these thoughts about colors, and since Helane and I both agreed that the colorways would work well together (while examining them under natural light), I dismissed my concerns.

Swatching proved me right:


If you recall, I purchased the yarns to make a striped cardigan. In September, these yarns were fine. Now in January, they don't work together at all. Why? Has the Claudia colorway has changed slightly since September? The hanks I have look nothing like the swatch displayed online. The online swatch would match perfectly with the blue Artyarns. There was another surprise, too. I thought that I had ordered the fingering-weight Artyarns. What I received (and it's my fault for not noticing this earlier) is the sport-weight version. Indeed, upon checking my correspondence with The Point, I probably didn't make it clear enough that I wanted the fingering weight. By itself this matter is not a problem, and in fact the juxtaposition of the finer gauge fingering weight with the chunkier sport weight is an interesting detail. But the colorways....

People, I have a problem. A huge problem. Separately, both yarns are great. I just can't use them together, as I had planned. As I wrote above, I like the Claudia colorway a lot. A whole lot. The colors are perfect for me. I hate the idea of just stashing both yarns and not using them. After all, they represent some mondo buckage out of the yarn budget.

I think that I have the following options:

1. Call The Point and explain my problem. I'll offer to send down the swatch. Maybe I can exchange the unused Artyarns skeins for an alternative colorway.

2. Swap the stuff. Anyone want to swap some fabby Artyarns Supermerino in colorway 239?

3. Sell the Artyarns on eBay, and use the cash to purchase a different colorway.

Other suggestions would be appreciated.


I'd try to call The Point and see if you can work out an exchange. Otherwise, I'd head to ebay.

Sell on ebay. Someone pointed out to me that the colorway in the picture on the Web is NOT updated whenever they get a new batch of handpainted yarn. What you get is then dependent on even more variables than monitor depiction.

Good luck with that,I'm so sorry the colors didn't work out. Unfortunately that can happen with handpaints. There are no guarantees the color you see and what you order will be the same. I'd try to exchange the Artyarns. Good luck!

Hmm... the swatch online doesn't look like it coordinates well with the blue you're using either. I do see more purple in there than in your swatch, but it's hard to tell, since that can be swallowed in the brighter colours. I guess you can chalk it up to experience and only order "coordinating" handpaints that you can see in person.

It does look to be a nice yarn, though, so perhaps the store will take it back? Otherwise, you could stash one of the yarns and use the other. Perhaps finding a coordinating solid to the handpainted yarn in your hot little hands would be easier than the other way around.

Chances are, a redo of the handpaint (sight unseen) won't meet your expectations either. Color is so hard.

I'd sell it, get most of the money back, and resolve only to buy handpainted colors in person -- no ordering.

I think the previous comments are spot on - handpaints are so variable that you really need to see them in person.

Can you get some yarn and dye what you need?

Claudias yarns differ a lot between dyelots. If you go to, you can see a gallery of sold out yarns that share the same names as yarns that are currently for sale, and the colors are not the same. By the way, is the Claudias yarn in your pic called "Walk in the Woods"? I think I bought the last 2 skeins of that at The Point last week. Definitely, if the people at The Point didn't explain to you how Claudias colors come out differently every time, I think you have a good case for getting your yarns exchanged. Ebay is okay, but you might not make your money back. Whatever you do, I hope it works out.

I think you should come back to NY and check out what the Point has in stock! Nothing like a little trip to cheer you up...

hahaha, veronique said exactly what i would have said. i would call the point though. they are so accomodating. they may be able to help!

Do you not like the colors together? You can knit from both skeins and alternate each row from skein to skein.

Good luck!

I agree with Diana call The Point. It was fun to meet you yesterday at Claudia's.

Kristen has fulfilled her obligation.

consider it done! :)

(it was lovely to meet you in person - hopefully next time I'll be able to prepare for seeing you and will come armed with a few questions on sweater designing. Truth be told I was a bit overwelmed by all of the people and kicked myself for thinking of things to ask as I was on my way home...)


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