A Pair of Gloves

Update on the MyYahoo subscriptions: Use this URL to add my new address to your page: http://www.subwayknitter.com/axom.xml Knitting Update:

According to Johanna, gloves and mittens seems to be the latest project of choice for the Knitsmiths. Could it be that the group is reaching sock fatique?  I don't believe it!

Whatever the reason, my gloves are working up nicely.  I altered my Urban Necessity pattern (link on sidebar) for a slightly different gauge.  When I slip on the glove, the Cascade 220 makes my hands feel nice and warm. 


I don't mean to flog my own pattern, but I am remembering why I designed this pattern in the first place: these pair of gloves will be the perfect subway-communting accessory!

I wove the ends in as I knit each finger.  No matter what I do, I cannot avoid getting small gaps at the base of my fingers.  I have accepted these gaps as inevitable, and I have left myself an extra long tail of yarn with which to close these gaps.  There will be no drafts on my hands this winter!

Next up: mitten tops.


I just started my mitten tops last night! Finished pairs on Sunday perhaps? Group photo at Knitsmiths? Maybe we can get Dana to bring/wear hers also!

Welcome to your new digs, I hope they treat you well.

I wondered where you'd gone for a moment! You have every right to flog your own pattern, I'm pretty sure I shall be making some very shortly, we have a glove thief in our house.

i love these gloves! how many skeins of cascase 220 did you use? i have this one skein of luscious purple at home that i don't know what to do with :) it's either gloves, mittens, or arm warmers depending on how much i need!

Love them! Will the mitten tops also be gray & green?

Love the new look! I hear you're going to be in our neck of the woods soon... Hope to see you at The Point!

where would i find this pattern it looks like just what my daughter needs.

very nice! i might have to try these myself


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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