A Fair Finish

The Celtic Harbor Hat worked up quickly. The fair isle? It made for an interesting project, and I'm glad that I learned how to do it, but I'm not sure that I would seek out an elaborate colorwork pattern. The little bit of colorwork I did I liked just fine. An entire sweater like this? Eh, I don't think so.

Because my slightly uneven tension in the colorwork section was a wee bit puckered, I decided to sew up the hem after I blocked it. Immediately after I finished the top shaping (ala Claudia, of course) I gave the hat a good soak, squeezed out all of the extra water, and set up the hat on its improvised blocking stand.


That's when panic struck. The hat was huge. HUGE! Knowing that Cascade has a tendancy to grow when it's wet, and shrink back as it dries, I refused to panic (outwardly). Instead, I went to bed--dreaming of potential fixes if the hat didn't return to a proper (i.e. non gigantic) size.

The next morning I looked again. Well, it was impossible to tell anything about the fit untill the hat dried completely (although I noticed a little improvement overnight). I know that the unsewn hem makes that hat look even larger than it actually will be. There was still no (outward) panic. I left for work. On the train, I studied women's hats as I knit. It would seem that low-brimmed hats are in fashion this year. That might save me.

Claudia assures me that she had the same fear with her hat, and that everything worked out fine. The flapper look, she wrote, looks great in this pattern. Then again, Claudia's hair has fabulous body. Mine? Not so much.

The question remains: how much flapper can you have before you're beaning yourself on light poles because you can't see where you're going? Let's hope that I don't find out.


Fingers crossed. Love the colors!

Hurry! Sew it up! We wanna see it!

Aww, I'm sure it will be fine. And if it turns out way too big? Felt it down to child-size and give it to your favorite kid. ;-)

Oh, I'm sure it will turn out fine. I'm staying tuned for tomorrow's segment!

Also with fingers crossed!

It will fit, it will fit, it will fit -- hopefully!

I agree with you about the pattern.

* crosses fingers *


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