We're Sorry for any Inconvenience...

...this may have caused.

[Thanks Deb for that link.]

After today, I'm seriously considering striking out on my own.  People, level with me: how difficult would it be?

I await Norma's take on the "issue".

And this?  Too little too late.


Interestingly, my blog has reverted back to the 10th . . . I wonder why! Off I go to try restoring it again...

Personally, I don't think it's difficult at all. If you want to still use Typead as your publisher, do so. But your blog pages and images should be stored elsewhere under your own domain name.

When you want more info, let me know.

I host my own blog on my own domain, it's pretty easy! I use WordPress, which is pretty self-contained. Probably the only thing you might have to really "learn" how to do is linking to images (if TypePad has any shortcuts that you're currently using, that is). And maybe a little CSS and HTML if you don't know it already too. But nothing too major!

If you decide to go out on your own, I would be glad to offer recommendations for domain registration, site hosting, and also help with setting up WordPress if you choose that route!

The key is to get things under your own control. I've been with Blogger from the beginning, but my blogs are all hosted under my own domains, and I don't use Blogger's online post editor. Instead, I found BlogWriter from Zoundry (www.zoundry.com), an easy to use offline editor that lets you drag and drop photos into place, edit links, and can even create product links for you. Technorati and del.icio.us tags can be created with the post, too.

It works with Blogger, Typepad, and several other blogging services. And it's FREE.

I can't compare it to any other post editors, since I never used any but the Blogger online one. But using BlogWriter almost immediately made it easy for me to write more complex posts, gave me greater control over the photos I included, and made it possible to upload multiple photos without running into repeated errors the way I did with Blogger's upload utility.

Bottom line, though - at a minimum, get yourself hosted and your data stored someplace other than Typepad's system. Then it can't get lost when Typepad has another stroke.

clearly i'm not as popular as you are because nobody gave a crap that i was down ;)

shit happens is the way i look at it.

as for bloglines. it is free.

went to windsor button on your recommendation -- it certainly has changed since the last time i went -- and although i think it's a little pricey i do think it's great that you can find anything from red heart to colinette point 5. it's quite unique for that reason alone.

by the way, in comments it's hard to tell, but i really didn't mean to sound snarky in my last comment.

If you use Movable Type it's probably exactly the same as Typepad - well - you have much more functionality but typepad is based on MT (same company, although you probably know that.)

Listen, if you can figure out all it takes to rewrite and create patterns, you can handle a little blog software and your own server. No sweat. And there are plenty of us out there to help you. I say go out and buy subwayknitter.com as a start. Imagine your very own home on the web! Merry Xmas!

Funny, that this issue comes up. I am going to start a blog soon and would like to buy my own domain name, but who do you buy it from? My computer skills are very basic, pretty much self taught and I use a Mac. I am so behind the times. :)

Well, if you run Movable Type at someplace like Living Dot, its really no harder than Typepad. They'll install and help with everything.

Email me if you're interested in more info..


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