Welcome to Scarf Week!

Things being what they are, I have to get moving on Midwest Moonlight.  I want this done! done! done! so that I can move on to other (sorta kinda secret) gifty things.


That's where you all come in.  Welcome to Scarf Week!  I'm not sure how much one can write about a scarf-in-progress, but I guarantee that we'll all find out this week.  I am a knitter on a mission.

This photo does not reflect the true nature of this Cascade 22o colorway (number 4148, I think).  It's really a very soft, light pink.  Here it looks almost white.


That popped up out of nowhere, you've whizzed on with that one. Is that one in Scarf Style or do my eyes deceive me?

I have loved that tipsy tilty stitch pattern since I first saw it in one of the Walker books. Some day, some day -- I will use it in something.

What a pleasure to see it in your scarf. What does the back look like?

Gorgeous! That is one of the coolest scarf patterns I have seen in a long time, and I love it! Good on you!

It is looking really cool -- great yarn choice -- it really shows off the pattern. I stopped in at Windor Button today -- it just keeps getting better and better!

It is looking great! Have you seen my blog? Anyone...blogger....

That scarf is looking great!

I love it, the color and the pattern is great. I really like the stitch pattern on it.

Count me in on Scarf week, though in my case it's more like Scarf month at the rate I'm going. I've got the CatMan Aran (which is the car project for the Christmas trip home) and two other scarves to knit up quick for my landlady/catsitter and her sister. And yet, I procrastinate by blogging. Knit on!


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