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The idea for this post evolved from a series of emails with Vicki.  Ihis won't be a regular Tuesday feature, or repeated, as the amount of worthwhile technical information that I can share with you right now will likely be exhausted in one post.

It occurs to me that many of us stick with Bloglines (or in my case stuck with Bloglines) because of the daunting task of recreating all of those subscriptions.  So, in an effort to encourage all of my fellow knitbloggers to vote with their (digital) feet, here's how I imported my Bloglines subscriptions into Newsgator.  I use Windows XP and Firefox, version 1.0.7.  The instructions might be oh-so-slightly different if you're using a different browser.  Or not.  Really, I don't know.

Here goes:

1.  Make sure that you have two browsers open, one with bloglines and one with Newsgator (log in to Newgator and click the URL & Import tab. Make sure that you then click on the "Import" options once you're in that menu.)  You don't have to do this, just makes it easier.
  1.  Go to your Bloglines blogroll and click the "edit" option.
  2.  Make all of your feeds public (if they aren't already).
  3.  Now, look over on the right hand side (the larger frame).  See the tab that reads "Share"?  Click on it.
  4.  Look down at the bottom of the larger frame.  See the  section reading "/public"?  There should be a URL there. Copy and past that URL into the address line of this browser (we haven't used the Newsgator browser yet, other than to open the window).
5.  Your blogroll appears on the left hand side. Go down to the bottom and select "Export Subscriptions" beneath your blogroll.
6.  Now, Bloglines will open up some type of code on the right hand side.  Mostly ignore that.  Move your mouse arrow into that frame and right click on it.  From the menu that appears, select the "This Frame" option.
  7.  From the menu that appears from the "This Frame" option select "Frame Info".
8.  Another window opens.  At the top will be a line entitled "URL" with an address after it.
  9.  Copy that URL (highlight and use Ctrl+C)
  NOW, open up that other browser, the one with Newsgator.
  10.  In the Newsgator browser, scroll down until you see this:

To import feeds from an OPML URL, enter that URL             using this form.
OPML file URL:
Paste that URL (using Ctrl+V) into the box and click "Import".

11.  Scroll down to the bottom of your blogroll and click "Subscribe"    That's it!
It's not difficult when you know where to go and what to do.  Feel free to share these instructions with one and all.

Next you should have an expose about how to create a blogroll using Newsgator. Several people have told me that they are still using Bloglines because they believe (erroneously) that it's the only program which cam generate a blogroll. If you're interested, and since I know you don't use a blogroll yourself, let me know - I can help you with the instructions.

Google now has a reader too http://www.google.com/reader - I've been trying this out, not sure if I like the interface yet. There's also a much quicker way to export your feeds via bloglines - just skip all the making public stuff, and use the export function, cut-n-paste the code screen to a file and upload that to your new reader client. Will have to go demo newsgator now!

Funny that you should post that today. I downloaded and started using Newsgator yesterday. Perfect timing.

Colleen, thanks for the info. And thanks to PumpkinMama too. I'll probably give this a whirl tomorrow or the next day and see how it works. I've been thinking of leaving Bloglines for awhile, just never did anything about it. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks to you and Grumperina, I've set up a subscription on NewsGator as well. I've even got the blogroll thing going. Kathy is right. It is pretty easy to do.

Select Edit Locations and click Blogroll to enable the feature. Lastly, copy the script for your blogroll into your template.

Back when Bloglines was ignoring me I tried a couple of other RSS feeds and didn't like the interface as much. I didn't try Newsgator - what do you think of the look and feel?

Ah, you are so helpful!

i'm surprised that you didn't use the "export subscriptions" feature in bloglines. i don't think that you need a blogroll in order to do it.

if you click on the "edit" link at the top of the left frame, you come to the edit panel in the left frame. at the very bottom of this frame there is an "export subscriptions" link. right-click on that link and save the resulting file to your desktop. this is an OPML/XML file of all your subscriptions. you can then import these into almost any RSS reader.


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