Thinking Hats, Thinking Mittens

Last week, when I blogged about felted hats, I had completely forgotten about some yarns that were recently added to the Subway stash:


It's good stuff, this Artyarns Legend.  Better still, the colorway (Don Juan--love that name!) goes with my new coat.  This can be hat number one, until I get around to buying some felting yarns.

The ball label has a beret pattern, but I think that I have enough yarn to use my favorite hat pattern:


I'll tell you why I like this hat so much.   It's warm, it's comfortable, and it fits snuggly around my ears without completely crushing my hair.  It was knit by none other than Knitting Grandma.  The pattern is from Leisure Arts, "Hats, Mittens, and Scarves to Knit and Crochet", leaflet number 186, from 1981.  Although the patterns are 24 years old, the designs are pretty classic, and I was surprised to find that LA no longer lists this collection on its website. There are also several scarves which are knit worthy.

Meanwhile, Dad wants some mittens.  Not a problem.  Since Dad will be using them when he's outside with the snowblower, he'll want ones that can be machine washed and probably machine dried.  Enter Wool Ease.  It's durable, and it comes in some interesting colorways.


Double meanwhile, I also need some new mittens.  To be specific, I need some new, extremely warm mittens.  Do you know how cold my hands can get when I walk to the train?  There's only one solution: double knitting.  Of course, I'll first need to learn how to double knit.


double knitting...or, an all-over fair isle. i just made some chipman's block mittens out of brown sheep nature spun, and they are SO WARM!! i love them :) and i've got the chicago cold here, walking from the train to school. so that's another option!

Thrummed mittens are much bulkier but cannot be beat for warmth. I love the one-skein patterns on Artful yarns.

Double knitting is a great idea....I love how it works. Then you could have reversable mittens!!


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