Simply put: if I continue knitting, this will become the world's ugliest hat:


My swatch should have tipped me off before I got this far.  The yarn is a cacophany of color!  "Loud" doesn't begin to describe it, and I'm not sure that the colorway doesn't look like something which I would rather not mention here.  For those of you who are thinking "it doesn't look that bad" I will agree.  Somehow this photo balances the colors, toning down the red/orange glow of this yarn.  But trust me, in real life it's a big fashion "no!" for Subway Knitter.

For now, the hat crisis continues.  At least I have new yarn:


Oh yes, dear readers, that is none other than Cascade 220 in the elusive 8012 colorway.  These two hanks (there are six total) are resting on my favorite scarf (incidentally, one of the very first things to came off of my needles.)  I'm relieved that the colorway has not drifted too far in the four years since I purchased this yarn. 

There's enough yarn here for at least two hats and a pair of double-knit mittens.  A big shout to the ladies at A Good Yarn who convinced the owner to add this colorway to the Cascade order she was about to fax as I made my inquiry.  I'm not sure that the owner likes to do special orders, so I was pleased with the assistance.  Thanks!

And, speaking of hats:


Yup, we have both the Celtic Harbor hat pattern and the Fiber Trends leaflet AC-23.  Both arrived on the same day.  [Seriously, this must be the WORST photo I have ever taken.  Photgraphing sheet protectors under artificial light is not a good idea.  Sure, sure, I could have removed the patterns from the sleeves, but who has time for that these days?]

This is all coming together nicely.  Which should I begin first?  Claudia has alreay begun her Celtic Harbor version, and she's already spotted some necessary pattern alterations.  Maybe I'll let her get a little further along before I cast on for mine.  That leaves Old Blue II, or the felted pillbox hat.  You know what?  Maybe I'll surprise you.


I'd vote for letting Claudia work her way through the pattern first.

Do you see yourself with that hat as a "Don't" in Glamour magazine?

Ooh, goody - I love surprises.

i started this hat ( )last night- very fun knitting and might work well with that yarn (or look completely jester-like? who knows?)i'm doing it in Malagbrio but the color changes are too short so looks a bit odd, may re-try in kureyon, after i finish the current one. hats are fun - short time investment!
looking forward to the felted one!

I do love that 8012 colorway, it's a winner! I'm glad AGY was able to order you some. Now it just needs to magically become a hat ;).

I wonder if I could tempt you to swap that loud yarn for something more sedate in my stash? I have the hat in question, and I'm seeking another ball or two to make a matching scarf -- I'm a loud sort of chick!

What is it with you and me and hats??? Sheesh.

But that hat, in the colors you describe, on your head, has got. to. go.

How surprising that your swatch looked so nice, but the hat, well.... hmmmmm....

Strange! Best of luck with your next hat project!


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