Whew!  Midwest Moonlight is ready to be blocked.


All things being equal, I would like to have about a half a skein more of the Cascade 220 to add some length.  I'm not going back to buy more yarn.  This scarf had a two skein limit and I am sticking to it.  Still, I'm happy with the result, and I would definitely knit this pattern again (in spite of its fiddly-ness).  The plan is to block the scarf for its maximum length without overstretching it.

Now that these scarves are done, I have lots of time to knit a few more gifts.  I thought that I would be able to get a few more in before the big day, but I didn't want to count on it.  Now that I'm sure that more knits can follow in time, why am I waiting?

Thank you to everyone who pitched in a solution to my feed validation/Bloglines issues.  I imported all of my Bloglines subs into Newsgator yesterday.  Bloglines doesn't make it easy for you to do that (you need to right click in a certain frame, and cut and paste that URL into Newsgator), but it can be done.  As of yesterday afternoon, Newsgator's updates were way, way, way out of date for me.  I emailed them and had a response within a few hours (hear that Bloglines?)  I think that the problem, if one ever existed, will fix itself.


Both of the scarves you've knit are beautiful. I've had my eye on Backyard Leaves for a while now and have made a few swatches with that cool slip stitch edge.

I've been watching you and Alison cruise along on your gifts and I STILL have not started. I did really well last year, but for some strange reason I'm paralyzed with indecision this season. What to knit, what to knit...

So you used 2 skeins of Cascade 220? Can you let me know how long it turns out after blocking. Enquiring minds want to know . . .

I imported all my bloglines subs into the google reader. I can't believe how much earlier I get the updates! Now if only it had a little notifier like bloglines does....

I have 2 repeats done on my Midnight Madness or whatever it's called. Maybe I'll bring that baby on my flight back to Boston on Tuesday! I'm (coincidentally) using Cascade 220 out of my stash and I have 2 skeins, so let us all know how long it comes out! Mine's a brown tweed.

Don't worry about the extra length, this sucker STRETCHES! With not ill effect to the pattern.

great job on finishing yet another scarf!! yes, bloglines is being a bit weird lately.

I recently decided to knit both Backyard Leaves and Midwest Moonlight (at some point) - yours look beautiful and are great extra inspiration!

This pattern is really beautiful. I love to knit scarf with leaf and flower pattern.


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