My Mittens

...are Red Heart:


Yarn snob?  Me?!  No way!  I love these Red Heart mittens from Knitting Grandma.  Why?  First and foremost, my mittens are machine washable AND dryable.  After about a week of subway riding these mittens are filthy.  Believe me, somebody is going to find some virus that puts the bird flu to shame, and it will be discovered on the MBTA.  Ewww!

Now, the last thing that I want to do with a pair of filthy mittens is to touch them more than I must.  They're tossed in the wash with my super-duper extra-strength germ-destroying detergent.   Just in case any of the little buggers survive that, I toss the mittens in the dryer where the heat cooks those germies nice and dead.

Germophobe?  Who, me?

Red Heart is not the softest of acrylics.  But the first week of cold weather really got me to think about what I need in a mitten.  And, honestly, ease of care is a criterion.

I am planning to knit one pair of mittens in the Cascade 220 to match my scarf (oh, what we do for fashion).  I am knitting my father's mittens in Wool Ease.  Why not use it for at least one pair of my own mittens?  Or a hat?  Why not indeed?

I can sense that my DPNs are going to be very, very busy this season.


I personally think your Red Heart mittens are perfect! Some things just absolutely need to be machine washable and dryable. I don't blame you one bit!

I like your Red Heart mittens also. What's the point of knitting if the finished project is not functional and never gets used?

I made a pullover once entirely of Red Heart. It became my work-outside-and-get-filthy sweater. Teachers will tell you that the essence of good design is using the right materials for the purpose. Is it possible to ride the T and not touch anything?

Aaah, function over form! Looks a lot better then riding the subway in a plastic bubble.

Would superwash wool work for mittens? Does superwash really survive washing & drying without felting?

God did create acrylic for a reason, after all!

Incidentally, I've been giving Newsgator a try, and there's one thing I definitely don't like--the list of feeds is the same window, same frame as the one where you read the feeds . . . so that there's constant scrolling up and down to get from the Zs on my list of feeds, to the top of the window to read, and then back again . . . having two separate frames was something Bloglines definitely had going for it!

Seriously, the MBTA is the culture dish for all germs that invade North America. Good thing you're keeping yourself safe with those cute mittens!

There's nothing wrong with Red Heart. It's definitely not my favorite yarn to use, but for this purpose, why not? Especially too when you think of the recipients and how they will care for it. If they simply want machine wash and dry, Red Heart is a good option that is also fairly inexpensive. Both sets of mittens are looking great!


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